Assault on America, Day 420: Did Democrats trigger a civil war in South Carolina again?

South Carolinians vote on Saturday and then on Super Tuesday, March 3, 1,617 total delegates will be awarded in 14 state primaries. Democrat voters will determine the winners and losers of party debates, and if the past is any indication, Bernie Sanders offers the most of what they like to see. Is America watching?

Crap Shoot: Caucusing at the Bellagio

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

The craps analogy weirdly applies to all the roughly 250 caucuses taking place across Nevada because the system really is a “crap shoot” in the true sense of that hoary phrase, mixed in with a little poker. Call it “jacks to open, trips to win.” Don’t believe me? If it’s a tie between two candidates at one of the precincts, a mint deck of cards is unwrapped (just like at the 21 table), cut a minimum of seven times and then drawn by representatives of the candidates. Aces are high, in case you’re interested, and, in the event of a tie, spades win, clubs lose. Does this sound like democracy? Not to me. But at least the Nevadans, unlike the Iowans, have early voting, assuming the iPads work.

Assault on America, Day 419: Sanders and Dems bank on youthful ignorance to fuel campaign

As the Democrat presidential race moves towards the South Carolina primary and Super Tuesday on March 3, the non-Bernie Sanders candidates recognize they’re in a tight spot. Time is running out to alter the course of the contest, so expect another bash-on-Bernie fest in the Palmetto State debate tonight.

The depressed, dismal Democrats have forgotten how to have fun

David Keene, Washington Times

Today’s Republicans are if not joyful at least capable of joking about themselves, their adversaries and the world around them. Even President Trump’s most ardent supporters often find themselves laughing at what the man has to say, and attend his rallies not because they are attracted to hour-and-half speeches but because the rallies are entertaining and fun. If depressed Democrats want to go off by themselves to bemoan their political fate or the failure of others to see the wisdom of their nostrums, fine. Perhaps we should feel sorry for them, but acknowledge their right to wallow in their own misery. But they aren’t content. Instead, they want to make sure that everyone else is just as miserable.

Democrats and the Media Continue to Be Russia’s Best Allies

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

The Dems and the media are so hungry for something, anything, to get Trump, the Russians don’t have to do much of anything. My advice to POTUS, if he would like to diffuse matters and put an end to the Democrats being the Russkies inadvertent “besties,” he should just relax and make fun of the whole business instead of complaining. A year or more ago some Russian comics showed the way in a phone call to Adam Schiff that turned the California congressman into a buffoon desperately looking for nonexistent “kompromat” on the president. It remains the best, and easily the funniest, political prank of our times. As a lesson in humility, they should play it again and again in front of the House Intelligence Committee.

On abortion, there's no such thing as a centrist Democrat anymore

Editors, Washington Examiner

On abortion, there is no room for dissent in the Democrat Party. The choice is simple: Support abortion on demand through all nine months of pregnancy and even beyond or lose the support of your party. Nowadays, you’d be hard-pressed to find a pro-life Democrat at all, let alone one who will proudly wear that label. If anything, mildly pro-life Democratic voters will treat their opposition to abortion as a private, personal preference. The problem with this excuse, made popular by the late Mario Cuomo, is that abortion is not about private beliefs. It’s a question of politics and human rights, about whether the government should prioritize human life or an adult's convenience.

Assault on America, Day 418: Budding Democrat civil war will end in mass casualties, no survivors

The beneficiary of the Democrats’ nomination struggle is President Trump himself. It doesn’t take a genius to see Trump is drawing strength from the Democrats’ unfortunate situation and the coming months should be truly entertaining – and revealing. Pass the popcorn and soda; this is better than a matinee at the movie house.

Assault on America, Day 415: Trump rides ‘The Beast’ at Daytona, cruises to victory in November

There’s little doubt President Trump’s appearance at the Great American Race last Sunday turned heads and raised eyebrows among the Democrats and his #NeverTrump critics. Anti-Trumpers look on helplessly while Trump gathers momentum for the fall campaign, just like “The Beast” circled the track at Daytona.

Assault on America, Day 414: Las Vegas pounding knocks the Bloomberg off Mike’s rose

Not even the infusion of new blood made this debate any more interesting than the previous iterations. The only thing the Democrat Vegas debate revealed was that the party has a heck of a Sanders-sized problem on their hands. Even if Biden somehow jumpstarts his on-deathwatch campaign, or Bloomberg emerges, or Klobuchar, or Buttigieg, or even “Pocahontas” Warren surges -- they still have to confront Trump later this year.

Democratic whining and identity politics

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times

Michael Bloomberg is now serving as a perfect example of how identity politics works. It isn’t necessarily just about sex, race or even sexual preference; we can also be reduced and classified by being labeled a creature of our chosen profession. Considering his comments about a variety of people, including farmers, Mr. Bloomberg seems to have disdain for most Americans, and certainly those who get their hands dirty while working. Mr. Bloomberg’s attitude isn’t new, it’s what the so-called elite have always thought about us, they were just more circumspect about it. It’s also a reminder that the choices we make in November are not just about who holds an office, but about what this country becomes.

Who's complaining about investigations now?

Byron York, Washington Examiner

As Attorney General William Barr looks into how it all started, some voices that were part of that frenzy are changing their tune about the value of investigations. They now express concern about investigations, concern that Barr is politicizing the Justice Department to go after perceived political enemies. An investigation lasting seemingly forever and putting one's family through hell? Imagine that! Coming from Andrew McCabe, the lack of self-awareness is so pronounced that it would be darkly funny, were not the events of the last three years so serious. More complaints are sure to come as Barr, and Barr's appointees, investigate the questionable acts of the investigators.

Remember the 'NASCAR Democrats?' Neither do they

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

Seriously, Democrats, thank you for trying. For trying to understand normal God-fearing, freedom-loving Americans. Because there are none of those Democrats left any more. Democratic politicians today no longer even pretend to like America or American voters. This is a major reason why Hillary Clinton lost in 2016. And now they seem hellbent to repeat the same mistake this time. Watching the president’s limo — nicknamed “The Beast” — lap the track as the racing cars roared and rumbled behind it had to be a sight to behold. Not in attendance in Daytona were Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders or Mike Bloomberg. If there were any of the elusive “NASCAR Democrats” there, they were not speaking up.

Jeb Bush Urges Republicans To Go Back To Being Punching Bags For The Left

One thing Donald Trump will never be is a punching bag, and as a consequence of what Jeb Bush and his ilk view as Trump’s incivility, the Republican Party has returned to its roots as a political movement that fights for its principles, rather than politely compromising them away.

Assault on America, Day 413: Floating Hillary as VP won’t win Bloomberg any bets in Vegas

National elections have a way of sorting things out and this year’s will be no different. Tonight, Democrat presidential candidates will hem and haw about “unity” and “restoring the soul of the nation,” but there’s no getting around the fact we’re one divided nation. And having Hillary Clinton as vice presidential nominee wouldn’t make it better.

Assault on America, Day 412: Fundraising and policy success is Trump’s way to ‘feed the wolf’

It is undoubtedly true that money helps “feed the wolf” in political campaigns. Without it you can’t pay staff, purchase advertisements, send out mailers or do other tried-and-true canvassing methods. But big bucks don’t buy everything. President Trump has a healthy war chest and issues on his side -- and that’s all he needs to succeed in November.

Assault on America, Day 411: Time to stick a fork in Joe Biden’s comatose candidacy…or is it?

Anyone with eyes and experience knows Joe Biden’s campaign is in trouble and may be on unalterable death watch. But it’s still too early to say for sure whether the former Obama veep is comatose and headed for political obscurity. Nevada and South Carolina will have their say. Will Biden spring back to life?

The Democrats’ February Blues

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

Democrats say they appeal to diversity, protect the average working American and are suspicious of the billionaire class. But the Democratic primary race so far reminds us that party rules favor rich, white candidates. The agendas voiced on the debate stages are not those of Middle America. The Democrats have nine months to unite around a centrist candidate. They have to give up on aborting Mr. Trump’s first term and instead offer a realistic counter-agenda to Mr. Trump’s booming economy and recalibration of foreign policy. Democrats also have to run their debates and primaries competently, fairly and professionally. Otherwise, 2020 will turn out to be a disaster for them.

Assault on America, Day 408: The American economy stinks? According to Democrats it does

No matter how hard they try, Democrats will have a heck of a time convincing Americans that the economy isn’t working for them and that the only solution to their woes is to turn Trump out of office. Telling someone to see something that isn’t there isn’t exactly a sound strategy for success.

Democrats, get ready for a brokered convention

Newt Gingrich, Fox News

Even with all his money, it is unlikely that Bloomberg will sweep the delegates. The Republicans have a series of winner take all primaries after a certain point. However, the Democrats have a proportional representation beginning at 15 percent. This means that every candidate who can get 15 percent or more of the vote will have an incentive to stay in the race. If everyone who can get 15 percent (and therefore some delegates) stays in the race – and if an assault on Bloomberg keeps him from breaking 50 percent – then it is entirely possible the Democrats are headed toward a wide-open convention. This means the super delegates could come into play on the second ballot. Buckle your political seat belt, America.

Assault on America, Day 407: Search for Dem White Knight becomes forlorn recovery mission

Logic says Democrats’ dissatisfaction with their presidential field will continue until party voters settle on a frontrunner, but that’s not likely to happen as long as the candidates are as divided as they are now. With no “White Knight” on the horizon, the party’s hopelessness will only intensify. Trump is looking terrific by comparison.