Detroit Bankruptcy

Paul's Plan for Detroit, Liberally-Ruined Cities

Oliver Darcy, The Blaze

Sen. Rand Paul will travel to Detroit Friday to open the Michigan Republican Party’s inner-city outreach office and unveil his plan to “help Detroit bail themselves out.” He thinks the opening of the African American Engagement Office will help the GOP make headway in one of America’s firmest Dem. strongholds.

Stop Obama's Detroit Bailout!

Wall Street Journal Online Staff

Obama found $320 million to reward city mismanagement. Send a message demanding your DC lawmakers to stop the Detroit bailout. We can’t let your hard earned money be spent bailing out union fat cats.

Can Snyder Save Detroit?

George Will, Los Angeles Daily News

How will Snyder's cheery approach to a cadaverous city with the highest income tax (but no one to pay the tax) overcome it non-existent middle class?

Can Paul Save Detroit?

Tal Kopan, Politico

Rand Paul suggests taking aid money sent to Egypt and investing that in U.S. infrastructure.

How Liberalism Destroyed Detroit

John Hawkins, RightWing News

The mayor of Detroit has been a Democrat since 1962. The city's bankruptcy is the result.

Thank the Dems for Detroit Failure

Real Clear Politics Staff

Detroit isn't an example of failed GOP econ policy. It's been run by the Dems for 60 years.

Detroit Bailout Over Paul's Dead Body

Real Clear Politics Staff

"We don't have the money. Who is going to bailout the U.S. if we bail out Detroit?"