Don't Raise the Debt Ceiling

Debt ceiling: $18,113,000,000,000

CNN Money

The suspense -- or rather, the suspension -- is over. The U.S. debt ceiling has been reset at $18.113 trillion, the Treasury Department said Tuesday. That new limit on public debt is about $1 trillion above where it stood in February 2014, when lawmakers decided to "suspend" the ceiling through this past weekend.

In Case You Missed It: America is Out of Money – Again

Make no mistake about it – the great scandal of the 21st Century is the near-treasonous spending that Congress has engaged in over the past fifteen years, no matter which party has controlled Capitol Hill.

Raising the Debt Ceiling: Smart Move or Surrender?

Beware a deal that allows the establishment GOP to declare victory without actually having to fight for conservative principles, and thereby loses them the limited government constitutional conservative grassroots – and even a majority of Democrats and Independents – who want real spending reform.