Donald Trump

A Trump–Bernie Brawl Would Benefit the Nation

David Catron, The American Spectator

If Sanders wins the Democratic nomination, he won’t attempt to hide his views behind euphemism and subterfuge. Carville, Penn, and other rational Democrats should get out of the way and let Trump take out Sanders and the radical Democrats who control the House. But this will work only if Sanders is the nominee. If some ostensible moderate is handed the Democratic nomination by the party elite and proceeds to lose, it will strengthen insurgent socialists like AOC. It’s time for a strategic retreat. That means defeat by Trump and the GOP in November, which would indeed be hard to swallow. In the end, however, it would be good for both parties and the nation as a whole.

Forget the Good Manners—Trump Should Keep Tweeting

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

I say, keep on keepin’ on, Donald. The reason is simple. He has no choice. He has no other place to go, really. Most of the media (the major newspapers, the networks and all of cable news with the exception of Fox, which is not always reliable) are lined up against him. Indeed, as we all know, they have wanted him out of office from before he even had it. Even the Wall Street Journal doesn’t give him a fair shake in their front pages that are little different from those of the New York Times and the Washington Post. All rely on nefarious, anonymous leaks aimed at bringing the president down. How, other than Twitter, can he really get his message out the way he wants it?

Trump Drives Democrats Crazy At Daytona

We think that maybe Kelly O’Donnell is not old enough to remember the 1992 presidential campaign, but Maggie Haberman certainly is, and so we contrast the reception President Trump got at the Daytona 500 with the reception Bill Clinton got in 1992 when his motorcade entered Darlington speedway, where 70,000 rabid stock-car fans awaited the start of the Southern 500.

Assault on America, Day 412: Fundraising and policy success is Trump’s way to ‘feed the wolf’

It is undoubtedly true that money helps “feed the wolf” in political campaigns. Without it you can’t pay staff, purchase advertisements, send out mailers or do other tried-and-true canvassing methods. But big bucks don’t buy everything. President Trump has a healthy war chest and issues on his side -- and that’s all he needs to succeed in November.

The Myth Of The Moderate Democrat

Our friend Deroy Murdock recently posted an analysis of the legislative scorecards for the Senators still in the race for the Democratic Party's nomination for President. It turns out that so-called moderates Amy Klobuchar and Joe Biden have often posted scores to the Left of Socialist Bernie Sanders. What's more, former Mayors Bloomberg and Buttigieg are every bit as Far Left as Sanders, Klobuchar, Biden and Warren.

Assault on America, Day 411: Time to stick a fork in Joe Biden’s comatose candidacy…or is it?

Anyone with eyes and experience knows Joe Biden’s campaign is in trouble and may be on unalterable death watch. But it’s still too early to say for sure whether the former Obama veep is comatose and headed for political obscurity. Nevada and South Carolina will have their say. Will Biden spring back to life?

Trump Charges the Liberal Hacks’ Latest Ambush

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

There was a lot of talk about how “troubling” and even “frightening” it was that Donald Trump “interfered” with the “prosecutorial discretion” of these first-line functionaries. There was little talk of how obviously it was a set-up designed to try to trick Trump into violating some newly created norm – that new norm being that a president must leave unaddressed manifest injustices (Roger Stone's sentence) inflicted upon his supporters. Except Trump does not play that loser’s game. They still think that Trump can somehow be shamed into obedience to the elite by castigating him for violating its arbitrary and unequally enforced unwritten rules. He can’t.

Billionaires Buying Or Bribing Their Way To Democrat Nomination?

Bloomberg has already tripled Trump’s 2016 spending, with no end in sight. Bloomberg has said he’s open to spending $1 billion dollars of his own money in his bid to become president, but whether he and Tom Steyer can use their billions to buy or use legal forms of bribery to build a loyal and effective campaign organization remains to be seen.

Assault on America, Day 408: The American economy stinks? According to Democrats it does

No matter how hard they try, Democrats will have a heck of a time convincing Americans that the economy isn’t working for them and that the only solution to their woes is to turn Trump out of office. Telling someone to see something that isn’t there isn’t exactly a sound strategy for success.

GOP Joining Democrat Illegal Alien Amnesty Through New Farm Bill

The toll-free Capitol Switchboard number (1-866-220-0044), we urge CHQ readers and friends to call Senators Tillis, Graham and Lankford to demand that they get off this Democrat-inspired amnesty for illegal aliens bill. Vice President Mike Pence may be reached at 202-456-7549, we urge you to call him to tell him he risks losing the support of the conservative movement if he or his political operation back any bill that grants amnesty to illegal aliens.

Amy Klobuchar Wins the Democrats’ Vice Presidential Nomination

Amy Klobuchar had minimal national name recognition before this presidential race.  The odds of her defeating Biden, Sanders, and Warren seemed overwhelmingly against her.  Yet she persisted.  And now she has enough of a demonstrated following to make her the logical vice presidential choice of either Sanders or Bloomberg.

Assault on America, Day 407: Search for Dem White Knight becomes forlorn recovery mission

Logic says Democrats’ dissatisfaction with their presidential field will continue until party voters settle on a frontrunner, but that’s not likely to happen as long as the candidates are as divided as they are now. With no “White Knight” on the horizon, the party’s hopelessness will only intensify. Trump is looking terrific by comparison.

Biden Slinks Out Of New Hampshire Before Results Are Announced

In a move reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Election Night disappearing act, the former vice president canceled his New Hampshire "victory party" as his campaign scrambles to keep his base of African-American support in South Carolina from crumbling under the weight of a fourth-place finish in Iowa’s chaotic caucuses and his humiliating fifth place finish in New Hampshire’s first in the nation primary.

The Great Liberal Freakout Has Begun

Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator

A mood of desperation is now taking hold among Democrats. Appearing on MSNBC, longtime Clinton strategist James Carville warned of an apocalypse — “the end of days” — if Sanders gets the nomination: “I’m afraid that Donald Trump is going to get re-elected and I have to do this four more years and I don’t think we can make it. I really don’t.… The country can’t continue like this.” Despite Carville’s vision of doom, the country is actually doing quite well — especially the economy, which added 225,000 jobs last month. From a Republican point of view, it may be “the end of days” for Carville, but for the rest of us, the Great Liberal Freakout of 2020 is excellent entertainment.

Assault on America, Day 406: NH greases Bernie’s socialist wheel, establishment fumes

What a mess. The New Hampshire Democrat primary went absolutely as predicted. Sanders comes away with the undisputed win he was deprived of in Iowa and the “moderates” are left wondering what a Bernie-bro fueled fall candidacy might look like. Donald Trump won the day without even being on the ballot -- again.

Time for Trump to Get His Godfather On

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

For three years the Democrats and the Fredocons have tried everything to keep Donald Trump from fully exercising the powers of his office. Things other presidents do as a matter of course – like demand the investigation of massive corruption involving stripper-impregnating crack afficionados – is suddenly an impeachable crime against the Constitution. As a practical matter, flushing these floaters during the endless fake investigations would have been a political problem, but the never-ending story has finally ended. He now needs to make that pile grow higher by adding the figurative severed noggins of the treacherous quislings still lurking within his administration. Clean house. Ruthlessly.

Democrats Lose If They Let Trump Live Rent-Free in Their Heads

John Fund, National Review

Trump Derangement Syndrome may be so deeply imbedded in the Democratic Party that it can’t be successfully treated. But the first step would be for Democrats to take Trump at his word. He is not evil — he is more of “a total act” who tramples social norms and sacred cows with equal abandon. Opposing him is fine, but acting as if he’s a dictator tilts the rhetorical playing field toward him. Instead, Democrats might compete with Trump by recognizing that he’s a brilliant self-promoter who often knows exactly what he’s doing and changes course constantly. The way to beat a master showman may involve running someone who can at least compete with him in the showman department.

We’re All Dog-Faced Pony Soldiers Now

Madison Moore’s question was a perfectly legitimate reality-based question, which Biden deflected with an insult rather than answering. While the form of Biden’s insulting deflection was something unique that only weird old Joe could ever come up with, deflecting legitimate reality-based questions is par for the course among this year’s field of Democratic presidential contenders.

Assault on America, Day 405: Romney, Hogg, and all of DC’s liars, sleazebags and opportunists

It's no secret that Washington is chock full of liars, sleazebags and opportunists, but what Mitt Romney did last week ranks up there with the most underhanded, publicity seeking stunts of all time. President Trump will succeed despite the presence of people like Romney. Who will history remember?

The Socialist Versus The Billionaire: Can Either Beat The Donald?

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

If Biden is thrashed in New Hampshire on Tuesday, as he was in Iowa, does he remain viable in South Carolina, where he was so strong before the new year? Will African-American voters in South Carolina stick by Biden and his claim to be “the most electable” Democrat if he has been floored twice by Sanders and Buttigieg, and can’t seem to win within his own party? What I wrote before Iowa seems even more true today: “If Bernie can beat Biden two or three times in the first four primary states in February, the last remaining roadblock on Bernie’s path to the nomination could be Mike Bloomberg’s billions.” The Socialist versus The Billionaire. Could either really beat The Donald?