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Presidential Horse Race 2016: Lindsey Graham battles Trump, Graham loses

Republican establishment donors clamor for Mitt. Plus, Who really supports Jeb Bush anyway?; Ben Carson’s more than just a nice guy; How Ted Cruz responded to John Boehner’s ‘jacka**’ comment; Lindsey Graham battles Trump, Graham loses, and, CNN caves, Carly likely wins.

Anti-establishment vote dominates Iowa GOP caucus goers

streiff, RedState

These polls show the GOP establishment has two real problems. First, nearly two thirds of the base (and I am using Iowa GOP caucus goers as a proxy for the GOP base) have had it with anyone associated with the GOP establishment or leadership. Second, at least in Iowa, Trump is not fading. The more people see him the more favorable their opinion.

GOP vs. Donald Trump: A Game of Brinksmanship

Michael Bezoian, American Thinker

If the GOP wants "anyone but Trump," it needs to narrow the field.  If too many candidates stay in the field for too long, they will hurt their own chances and help Trump's chances.  If the party's goal is to defeat Trump, playing the dangerous game of brinkmanship is the exact opposite of what it should be doing.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Will Carly Fiorina play with the varsity in the next debate?

A new Iowa poll shows Trump and Carson tied. Plus, yes, Fiorina is in third place in Iowa… but will she be in the next debate?; Scott Walker’s losing where he theoretically should be gaining; Donald Trump ‘emasculates’ Jeb Bush while setting the GOP agenda, and, planning the coming “Trump Takedown."

Iowa pollster: We’ve seen everything with Trump

Mark Hensch, The Hill

Iowa pollster Ann Selzer said Trump is converting skeptics in the Hawkeye State in a way she has never previously encountered, with a nearly complete reversal of his favorable/unfavorable ratings in the span of a couple months.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Is Jeb Bush’s campaign on the rocks?

A new Iowa poll shows Donald Trump and Ben Carson virtually tied. Plus, Ben Carson’s style versus content; Trump keeps the media focus on number one; Huckabee flips on birthright citizenship, and, Say it ain’t so – is Jeb Bush’s campaign in trouble?

Ben Carson surges past Jeb Bush to No. 2 spot

David Sherfinski and Stephen Dinan, Washington Times

Combined, Donald Trump and Ben Carson have 40 percent of the vote in the latest Quinnipiac University Poll. Add in businesswoman Carly Fiorina’s 5 percent, and nearly half of Republicans say their No. 1 choice for president is someone who has never won a public election.

This is Big: Trump, Cruz to Hold Joint Event to Defeat Iran Deal

The great – and most important message of a Trump – Cruz media event on the Iran nuclear weapons deal isn’t that two Republican presidential candidates are against it; it is that the two populist conservative message carriers are going to get together to let the American people know that we have been betrayed by Obama and the Capitol Hill Republican leadership.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Donald Trump likes what you see

New poll not all good news for Trump. Plus, what Trump knows that you don’t; Ted Cruz – principled or merely a shrewd politician?; Rand Paul’s starting to sound more libertarian; Carly complained, CNN said no, and, Quinnipiac poll shows depth of Bush dynasty problem.

Has Glenn Beck Lost It... Again?

Glenn Beck says he would never vote for Donald Trump and that he's a constitutionalist, not a Republican. Beck normally has a good ear for what's going on in the conservative grassroots, but his near-endorsement of establishment spare prince Marco Rubio over country class message carrier Donald Trump shows a strange disconnect from the millions of constitutional conservatives who would run, not walk, from the Republican Party if a candidate like Rubio, Jeb Bush or John Kasich becomes the GOP’s 2016 presidential nominee.

Top Perry Official Jumps to Team Trump

Kevin Diaz, Houston Chronicle

Sam Clovis, who quit as chairman for Gov. Rick Perry's presidential campaign in Iowa, is joining forces with Donald Trump. The Trump campaign announced that Clovis, an influential conservative activist, talk-radio host and college professor, has signed on as national co-chair and senior policy adviser.

Did We Just Agree With Jeb Bush?

We’d like to be able to agree with Jeb Bush when he gets something right, and his initial criticism of granting birthright citizenship to “anchor babies” certainly looked like an opportunity to agree with Bush on something important. And the anchor baby phenomenon is important.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: “Nothing Disqualifies Trump”

Focus group of Trump supporters reveals why he's leading. Plus, the Trump/Fox News truce is over – now it’s war; Ben Carson takes on #BlackLivesMatter; Rand Paul: Real conservatives stand for private property, and, Jeb Bush wants free college, just like Obama!

Is Trumpism the New Nationalism?

Pat Buchanan, CNS News

While his foreign policy positions seem unformed, his natural reflex appears nonideological and almost wholly results-oriented. He looks on foreign trade much as did 19th-century Republicans.

We Suggest The Andrew Jackson Approach to “Sanctuary” Cities And States

186 years ago, when Democratic presidents actually believed in and defended the sovereignty of the United States, Old Hickory had an answer to those who sought to nullify federal authority to enforce the laws Congress passes, as so-called "sanctuary" cities and states are doing today.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Ready for a Romney October surprise?

Is Mitt Romney about to join the 2016 field? Plus, Walker the weathervane swaying with the political winds; “President” Trump’s first 100 days; The New York Times tries to start a Trump/Cruz war, fails, and, don’t call Fiorina a member of the professional political class.

Thank You Rich Lowry

In his recent article “Yes, Pander To Trump On Immigration” National Review's editor Rich Lowry has gotten it mostly right on Donald Trump and the immigration issue and for that we thank him and join him in recognizing that, “Amid the barstool bombast about deporting all illegal immigrants already, here is the core of a program that is more sensible than the ‘comprehensive’ solution offered by the political establishment.”

Presidential Horse Race 2016: How low will Jeb Bush go to get the nomination?

Donald Trump’s lead appears to be growing according to another new poll. Plus, does Carly Fiorina have a point about CNN’s debate criteria?; is Ben Carson a tame version of Donald Trump?; Politico compares enforcing immigration laws to segregation; with all attention on Trump, Cruz rises, and, Jeb Bush and the Photoshop fail.

Ted Cruz’s plan to win back anti-establishment vote

Katie Glueck, Politico

Ted Cruz has quietly embarked on a strategy designed to reclaim the mantle of the anti-establishment presidential candidate, methodically scoring endorsements, locking down the support of conservatives and creating an extensive grassroots network.