Doug Ducey

The Only Thing Worse For Republicans Than John McCain In The Senate

With her radical leftist views on same sex marriage and opposition to the Republican Party’s platform position on abortion, the only thing worse than having John McCain in the Senate would be for Governor Doug Ducey to appoint his liberal wife Cindy to succeed him.

Arizona treasurer claims victory in Republican primary for governor

David Schwartz, Reuters

Arizona state treasurer and businessman Doug Ducey backed by national tea party leaders like Sarah Palin and Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) and Mike Lee (R-Tex.) defeated rivals Scott Smith, the former mayor of Mesa and a more moderate Republican and Go Daddy executuve wildcard Christine Jones.

With No Votes Counted, the Tea Party Has Already Won Arizona's Governor's Race

Scott Smith, Bloomberg Businessweek

Immigration has dominated the Arizona GOP governor primary, and the business candidates are basically indistinguishable from Tea Partiers. The delineations we’ve come to expect between Tea Party and business are utterly scrambled in Arizona.