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The Scariest Drudge Headline Ever

We can’t think of a force less likely to bring about the governance of America according to conservative principles than the reemergence of Mitt Romney to fill the leadership “void” in the national Republican Party.

Drudge Slams Journo Law as Fascist

Twitchy.com Staff

Matt Drudge called Feinstein's proposed media shield law that would be applied only to “real reporters,” not bloggers, 'fascist,' tweeting, "Gov't declaring who qualifies for freedom of press in digital age is ridiculous! It belongs to anyone."

Matt Drudge Asks Our Questions About Republican Leaders

Internet media giant Matt Drudge, founder of the Drudge Report, finally asked the questions that we (and millions of grassroots conservatives) keep asking about the so-called leadership of the Republican Party these days – who are they and what do they stand for?