Trump just got another trade-war win

Ted Harvey, Washington Examiner

Trump won again, and the U.S. economy continues to roar. More importantly, European negotiators realize the 45th president will no longer accept unfair trade as the status quo. Trump won’t do business as usual if that business undermines American workers — and the people of Europe clearly know it. The days of leadership from behind are over. America is winning again.

Trump's trade triumph

Stephen Moore, Washington Times

I often disagree with Mr. Trump’s saber-rattling trade antics. But it’s getting harder all the time to find fault with the results. Would the EU agree to such concessions with a namby-pamby President Clinton or Mitt Romney? Doubtful. Many of my most devoted free trade friends groused that Mr. Trump’s strategy couldn’t work because you don’t get to lower tariffs by imposing higher tariffs. Well, it turns out that in the case of the EU they were wrong.

Trump's Deal with the EU Is Democrat Nightmare

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

Do you want the Trump economy or do you want a return to the Obama economy?  It's as simple as that.  Trump continues to negotiate great agreements for America, at home and abroad. The "Art of the Deal" may be a cliché by now, but it appears to work.  And when something's working for once, why change it  -- especially to something that already failed?(Or, in the case of socialism, worse than failed -- caused mass impoverishment and mass murder.) Are we tired of winning yet?

Ukraine Will Be More Democratic Without McCain And Obama Meddling

As Senator Rand Paul said during last year’s demonstrations that overthrew the Islamist government in Egypt, America has a terrible record of picking winners and losers in the domestic upheavals of foreign countries. Now Senator McCain wants to put the Obama administration in charge of the rebuilding of Ukraine on the American taxpayers’ dime?