Behold the wood of the Cross…

Where is the pushback on Mrs. Clinton’s publicly announced plan that, if elected, she will lead her administration in a war on Christianity and Christian practices? The deafening silence from religious leaders is indicative of a problem we face throughout today’s body politic, and especially in the conservative movement, and that is a lack of moral courage in the face of pressure from those who seek to destroy our culture, the rule of law, and our liberty.

The Boldness of the Cross

What happened in Indiana and Arkansas this past week is an attempt by secular liberals to avoid a repeat of the circumstances that Acts 4 tells us allowed Peter and John to escape, at least for a time, the punishment secular authorities wish to mete out to those who unashamedly proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and wish to live their daily lives by its tenets.

The Most Important Gift You Can Give This Christmas Is You

The gift God asks of us at Christmas is to make a sacrifice of ourselves and to turn away from sin and give ourselves to Jesus Christ.

A Day of Hope in a Season of Persecution

Today’s secular liberals just don’t seem to understand that when they try to drive Christians from the public square, or outlaw the public expression of Christian belief, we Christians have been there before.

The Gift of Christmas is Fulfilled at Easter

Now is the time to open your heart to the gift of God’s only begotten Son – follow the star that shines over Bethlehem and leads to a humble manger and, if you believe in him, to a Cross, the Resurrection, forgiveness of your sins and life everlasting.