Ebola in the United States

New York: The Deadly New Reality of Life in Obama’s America

Yesterday, life in New York City gave Americans a frightening glimpse of what the future of life in Obama’s America holds; a new case of the deadly Ebola virus was diagnosed and a Muslim terrorist attacked a group of rookie cops on a Queens street. Click here to view the vote-changing video produced by Fed Up PAC: "Who Will Keep Us Safe?"

Cruz Leading: Calls for Ebola Travel Ban. Where’s Rest of GOP?

RED ALERT: CNN reports a second health care worker at the Dallas hospital where Ebola carrying alien was treated now tests positive for the deadly virus. The Republican Party leadership’s inexplicable refusal to recognize and embrace the common sense concept that border security is national security, especially in the face of the deadly Ebola and Enterovirus 68 epidemics, shows that new leadership in the GOP is necessary and that Ted Cruz is one of the few people on the national scene capable of providing it. Click here to sign our petition urging Ted Cruz to lead the GOP to victory by nationalizing the 2014 election.

Airline Employees Strike In Favor Of Conservative Immigration Policies: Where’s GOP?

Establishment Republicans, forgetting that Ronald Reagan was the president of a union before he was the President of the United States, can’t seem to recognize that the La Guardia airplane cleaners were striking in favor of conservative immigration policies.

No Ebola Travel Ban: Dems Defend Obama Policy Through Silence

Through their silent support for Obama’s open borders policy Democrats are more than merely complicit in this existential threat to America’s national security – they are actively helping to advance it. We urge you to use our “contact the Republican candidates tool” to contact each Republican Senate campaign to urge them to nationalize the election on this important national security issue.