Eliot Spitzer

Trump’s New York Values: A Long History Of Supporting Far-Left Politicians, Policies And Causes

Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
When I look at who Donald Trump has walked with and where he’s walked what I see is not a maturing understanding of the value and validity of conservative thought and ideas about how to govern – what I see is a long record of paying to play with liberal politicians, of adopting liberal positions, and now opportunistically trying to mislead voters into believing he is a populist “conservative.”

Dem Losers in the War on Women

Ethel C. Fenig, American Thinker

In the NY City mayoral race, Weiner managed to get just 5% of the vote. Eliot Spitzer, did somewhat better in his race, getting 47.8%-- not enough to win. Neither of their wives were anywhere to be seen.

This is a Conservative?

The establishment media has two typical "conservatives" it presents to its audience. One is an extremist or "wing nut" and the other is a more or less Republican-oriented individual whose views, when presented to the public, move the definition of “conservative” significantly to the left.

Weiner, Spitzer, and Liberal Hypocrisy

Patrick J. Buchanan, WND

Liberals' condemnation of Weiner's acts rings hollow after the Left has declared that Americans should be sexually free to do as they please.