Ethanol subsidies

Donald Trump Turns to Ethanol to Fuel Fight With Ted Cruz

Amy Harder and Beth Reinhard, The Wall Street Journal

Donald Trump, who is battling Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas), for the top spot in in corn-rich Iowa, is seeking to draw a contrast between the two candidates by catering to the state’s corn ethanol industry more than any other top GOP candidate.

Cruz Committing Regicide Against King Ethanol in Iowa

Give Ted Cruz his due, ethanol appears to an issue on which he put principle before politics. Whatever one thinks of his presidential ambitions, we all would benefit if Iowans engaged in regicide against King Ethanol.

Rand Paul’s Toughest Sell Could Be Iowa

The Iowa Caucuses are little more than a huge media event that is subject to manipulation by the GOP establishment and is often inhospitable to the issues and messages the GOP needs to win in November. Invented by Democrats in 1972, the Iowa Caucuses have attained an outsized influence in presidential politics because neither the news media nor most outside observers seem to recognize that they have absolutely no effect on the actual allocation of delegates to the Republican National Convention. 

Cruz Gets it Right on Ethanol

Daniel Horowitz, Conservative Review

Coming off the heels of Obama’s imperial presidency, is it too much to ask for candidates to oppose a scheme using the boot of government to force individuals to purchase a bad product – all for the purpose of enriching parochial interests? No, we are not talking about Obamacare, although it would be nice for every candidate to publicly declare his or her intention to repeal every word of the law. The issue at hand is the Renewable Fuels (“ethanol”) Standard. Amazingly, only one – Ted Cruz – candidate was able to speak with intellectual clarity against this statist mandate.

Republicans Attack Corporate Pork

Timothy Carney, Washington Examiner

Republicans have finally gone beyond mere talk in addressing the problem of crony capitalism.