Farm bill

Will Farm Bill Sans Food Stamps Pass?

Eric Wasson, The Hill

The House will vote on the new but still bloated Farm Bill today. Boehner's feeling the heat.

GOP’s Path Forward on Farm Bill

Daniel Horowitz, Red State

With the Farm bill’s defeat, Republicans can work to streamline the system and end farm subsidies.

K St. Stunned at Farm Bill Defeat

Erik Wasson, The Hill

A thing of beauty: lobbyists whining over a slight hiccup in their big government gravy train.

Ag Bill Defeat a Major Win for Right

Katherine Rosario, Heritage Action

Conservative activists’ defeat of the Farm Bill’s unholy food stamps/ag policy alliance is big news.

GOP Hypocrite + Jesus = Farm Bill?

Tad DeHaven, Townhall

Rep. Fincher’s quoting Jesus to push farm bill cuts while he likely received millions for his farm.