Federal Election Commission

Should Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar Be Stoned To Death For Adultery?

As appropriate as Sharia law punishment for Rep. Ilhan Omar might appear, we think a better result would be for her devout Muslim constituents, her Democratic Party colleagues and the Federal Election Commission to all recognize her for the fraud and serial law-breaker that she is and remove her from office.

Obama’s Big Government and Big Business vs. We the People

The battle between Barack Obama’s Big Government and limited government constitutional conservatives began when he was sworn in and has grown fiercer by the day. For us to win this battle we must remember who Obama’s most potent allies are – the Big Businesses that benefit the most from his Big Government policies.

IRS-FEC Collusion Invades Privacy

Caroline May, Daily Caller

A conservative government watchdog obtained emails revealing that the IRS sent conservative groups’ private tax exemption application and tax return info to the Federal Elections Commission, in violation of federal law.

New Scandal: IRS Union and FEC

Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator

The FEC got tax info about conservative groups illegally from IRS Lois Lerner. Oh, and the IRS Union is involved.

Rising Scandal: FEC Ignores The Law

Kimberley A. Strassel, Wall Street Journal

A Repub FEC appointee wants to rein in an unruly bureaucracy. The Left's fighting that oversight.