Fire Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan Plummets to 43 Percent in New Primary Poll

Julia Hahn, Breitbart

A poll of likely Republican voters shows House Speaker Paul Ryan well below 50 percent in his race to maintain his seat in Wisconsin’s first Congressional district.

The Ryan Fantasy

Daniel Larison, The American Conservative

Even if Ryan is looking ahead to the next election, I’m skeptical that he would be the one that the GOP gets behind. No one has secured the nomination of either major party running from the House in well over a century, and I doubt Ryan will be the one to change that. 

Conservatives organize to ‘Fire Paul Ryan’

Kelly Cohen, Washington Examiner

"We forced Boehner to step down. Cantor was defeated. McCarthy withdrew ... and yet the establishment keeps pushing RINO after RINO after RINO. If Ryan is chosen, we'll see that he's fired. Add your name to the list of Americans who Demand a Conservative Speaker," said the coalition's website