Fox News Sunday

Hillary Clinton Tears Out Truth’s Heart And Stomps It Flat On Fox News Sunday

streiff, RedState

Hillary Clinton's appearance on Fox News Sunday proved once again that she is a liar on par with her husband, and that's saying a lot.

Could Kevin McCarthy Be A Great Majority Leader?

By Richard A. Viguerie, Author & CHQ Chairman

The number one thing conservatives have lacked in my 53 years of being involved in the conservative movement at the national level is strong, articulate, effective leadership. Kevin McCarthy has the right instincts and the right tools, if he would turn them toward the right target, and stand and fight for the conservative principles that brought him into the Republican Party he could be a great House Majority Leader.

Kasich: OCare Medicaid Expansion is Conservative

Jason Hart, Red State

GOP-E Ohio Gov. John Kasich lied to yet another Fox News host, spinning the Obamacare Medicaid expansion as a conservative program for the drug-addicted and mentally ill that will not increase federal spending.

Lee Wants Names of Cruz Plotters

Greg Richter, Newsmax

Sen. Mike Lee joins Sarah Palin in wanting to know which Repubs sent opposition research to Fox News' Chris Wallace to grill Ted Cruz. Lee called it "disturbing."

Fox's Wallace Fails to Faze Cruz

Right Scoop Staff

Dem. Chris Wallace, carrying RINO Rove's water, doesn't lay a glove on Cruz. When told of Repub. attacks against him, Cruz refused to attack back and instead talked strategy and re-emphasized unity.