Gang of Eight

Rubio’s Staff Tells Us He’s No Movement Conservative

If you sift through Senator’s Rubio’s staff and consultants you’d be hard pressed to find many who have strong roots in the Tea Party or conservative movement. Who you walk with tells me a lot about who you are, and who Marco Rubio walks with every day in his Capitol Hill office explains a lot about who he has become since reaching Washington DC.

Sen. Gang: Bully House at Town Halls

John Bresnahan, Jake Sherman, and Anna Palmer, Politico

Gang of 8 members met with pro-amnesty groups to plan a bully campaign against Reps. during recess.

Rubio Turning Away From Amnesty?

Beth Reinhard, National Journal

Rubio hasn't spoken about amnesty, even to rebut House opposition. Does he finally feel the sting?

Sen. Amnesty Bill Would Hurt Poorest

Tony Lee, Breitbart

Ted Cruz commented that if the bill had been law in '57, his legal immigrant dad would've been fired.

Amnesty Stirs Tea Party Fury

Tarini Parti and Burgess Everett, Politico

With lawmakers now home, Tea Partiers are giving them an earful on the Senate amnesty bill.

Elites vs. the People on Amnesty

Tom Tancredo, WND

The House immigration debate will reveal who really controls the GOP – elites or the grassroots.

The Future of GOP with Hispanics

Sean Trende, Real Clear Politics

In Part III of this series, Trende again shows Republicans don’t have to go the amnesty route.

If House Caves, Time to Leave GOP?

Allahpundit, Hot Air

Sarah Palin, questioning whether Republicans are really offering conservatives a true alternative.

Stockman Condemns Amnesty Bill

Stephen Dinan, Washington Times

Rep. Steve Stockman says the Senate bill is a revenue measure that didn’t originate in the House.

The House’s Comprehensive Rejection

Jonathan Strong, National Review Online

The Senate amnesty bill is dead on arrival. But everything else is surprisingly wide open.

Rubio’s Strategy Disappointed Many

Byron York, Washington Examiner

Though the Senator’s plan ultimately passed, he sure burned a lot of bridges in order to get there.

Rand Paul Works House on Amnesty

Breanna Edwards, Politico

Paul couldn’t stop the damage in the Senate, so he’s moved to the House to make an impact.

Potential 2016 GOP Candidates Split

Alexandra Jaffe, The Hill

Of course Marco Rubio was for it, but Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul voted an emphatic “no.”

You Have Until July 10 To Stop Amnesty For Illegal Aliens!

Speaker Boehner said Republicans will use next week's July 4 recess to take the temperature of their constituents, and the entire GOP conference will meet July 10 to discuss the next steps on immigration. That means between now and July 10, you MUST call your Congressman’s office (Capitol switchboard is 1-866-220-0044) and tell them to OPPOSE bringing S. 744, the Obama – Rubio illegal immigrant amnesty bill, to the House floor. Tell them you want border security, not amnesty for illegal aliens.

Amnesty Clears; What Will House Do?

Stephen Dinan, Washington Times

The 68-32 vote, (14 Repubs joined all 54 Dems) in support of amnesty. Will Boehner try to stop it?

Immigration Amnesty: The Econ Killer

Steve McCann, American Thinker

Bye bye, jobs. Hello, banana republic.

GOP Is Ready to Rumble

Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator

Amnesty and same-sex marriage are tearing up the GOP. Is this how we get our beloved party back?

You Lie!

Michael Giere, Faquier Free Citizen

The Senate amnesty bill is just the latest mega-bill spurious political elites are forcing on us.

Boehner Warned by Conservatives

Susan Ferrechio, Washington Examiner

House conservatives say Boehner’s out as Speaker if he brings Democrat-favored amnesty to the floor.

Sorry Marco, You’ve Lost Our Trust

"You can’t unring a bell.” In the future, Senator Rubio may fight alongside conservatives for “real tax reform, lowering the debt, balancing our budget, reducing regulations, rolling back job-killing environmental policies and repealing the disaster of Obamacare,” and to defend “the sanctity of life and traditional marriage,” but it won’t be as a trusted ally.