Gov. Martin O'Malley

Democrat O'Malley to make 2016 call tonight?

Dan Merica, CNN

Former Maryland Democratic Governor Martin O'Malley told a friendly New Hampshire audience on Wednesday that he is still a "potential" presidential candidate, but that the group should "talk to me in three days," a obvious hint that his potential status could soon end. The former governor has long said that he will make a decision on his all-but-announced campaign to take on Hillary Clinton by the end of the month.

Time To Smoke Out Blue State Governors’ Positions On Illegal Aliens

Democratic Governors O’Malley, Malloy, Hickenlooper and Markell have already been caught out as hypocrites on Obama's plan to settle illegal aliens in their states. It is time to put the heat on the rest of the Democratic Governors who pander to race-baiting Hispanic organizations, like La Raza, and then run for cover when the bill for their open borders policies lands on the doorstep of taxpayers in their states.

MD Gun Owners Privacy Shot

Emily Miller, Washington Times

Lib. MD Gov. O’Malley recently released the confidential info. of those applying for gun purchases. Some see this as a big step closer to a national gun registry.