Gov. Mary Fallin

Illegal Alien Disaster Awaiting Your School District

Obama's open borders policy could cause a disaster when school starts. Local officials are not being told how many illegal alien children are being released in their school districts. No one knows whether these children have had any immunizations, how old they are, or how long they will stay.

Common Core Repeal Showdown In OK

Dr. Susan Berry, Breitbart

Thousands want Common Core repealed in OK but CC proponents are spreading false numbers in a "report" that says OK will give up millions. OK’s repeal bill would reinact its former standards until new ones are created. The new standards must be proven to be unlike CC before they can be enacted.

Okla. Battles Group Over Satan Statue

William Bigelow, Breitbart

A battle will soon be held in Okla. over a statue of Satan that the Satanic Temple, backed by the ACLU, wants to erect near the Ten Commandments monument on the Statehouse lawn. Repub. Gov. Mary Fallin said that the Satanic statue will never be erected.