Hillary Clinton could save the world

Why Libs Think Hillary will be the next President

Fernando Espuelas, Huffington Post Blog

As nonpartisan Charlie Cook in National Journal pointed out, there are much more real, politically relevant and resonant issues that will either result in Clinton presidency or an upset. Clinton has a built-in advantage -- her gender. It now looks that she will use the glass-ceiling theme to connect with millions of people who think that the disparities in opportunity, income and talent-based achievement between men and women is not only unfair, but damaging to all women, two-income families and the economy in general.

This is a Conservative?

The establishment media has two typical "conservatives" it presents to its audience. One is an extremist or "wing nut" and the other is a more or less Republican-oriented individual whose views, when presented to the public, move the definition of “conservative” significantly to the left.