Hillary Clinton credibility problem

Hillary’s poll numbers continue fall

Ben Wolfgang, The Washington Times

Clinton's numbers have slipped because she has been through a grueling primary process where young people don’t see her as fighting for their issues and independents being skeptical of her character. 

More Hillary Clinton emails released, several labeled "classified"

Chris Keane, Reuters

There are several emails in the latest release -- many which are heavily redacted -- bearing a "CLASSIFIED" stamp. The State Department says that these are new stamps applied by officials at the State Department, and the stamps do not indicate that the information in the emails was classified at the time Clinton sent them.

Carly Gets It Wrong: Hits Carson, Agrees With Hillary On Muslim President

Both Carly Fiorina and Hillary Clinton missed – intentionally or otherwise – the point Dr. Ben Carson was making, which was not CAN a Muslim be President, but SHOULD a Muslim be President? And this is not a new question for Americans to ask, a similar question was asked during the Communist assault on constitutional government during the 1950s.  Click here to sign our petition urging Dr. Carson not to back down in the face of attempts to intimidate him into disavowing his fair and accurate comments about Islam and the Constitution.

‘Clinton Cash’ author demolishes Hillary’s self-defense

Peter Schweizer, The New York Post

Grave incompetence or brazen dishonesty? Those are the only two conclusions one can reasonably come to after reviewing Hillary Clinton’s stunning Sunday interview on local New Hampshire TV.

Hillary is inevitable no more

Washington Examiner Editorial Board

Hillary Clinton's favorability rating has crashed into negative territory in both CNN's poll and the ABC/Washington Post poll. In the latter poll, Clinton's result (at 45 percent favorable, 49 percent unfavorable) is the worst since April 2008, when she was on the cusp of losing the Democratic nomination to Barack Obama. In the CNN poll, Clinton's favorable-unfavorable numbers (46 and 50 percent, respectively) are the worst they've been since March 2001.

Clinton Foundation CEO admits to disclosure errors on tax forms

Marisa Schultz, New York Post

The head of Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton’s foundation admitted Sunday to making financial-disclosure errors on their tax forms. “Yes, we made mistakes, as many organizations of our size do, but we are acting quickly to remedy them, and have taken steps to ensure they don’t happen in the future,” Maura Pally, acting CEO of the Clinton Foundation, posted on its blog Sunday.

Hillary Clinton and the Death of Truth in Liberal America

The latest, and perhaps final chapter of America's surrender to moral relativism, and the elimination among America's elite of any allegiance to objective fact as the standard by which all matters must be judged, is playing out in the failure of liberals and Democrats to confront the facts of the rapidly evolving scandal regarding foreign government contributions to the Clinton Foundation, Bill Clinton’s speaking fees and policy-making by Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State as documented in Peter Schweizer's new book “Clinton Cash.”

Reporter Who Offered To Give Bill Clinton Oral Sex Calls "Clinton Cash" Author "Right-Wing Hatchet Man"

Real Clear Politics

On Thursday's broadcast of MSNBC's The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, journalist Nina Burleigh dismissed the Peter Schweizer, the author of the highly-anticipated upcoming book Clinton Cash, as a "right-wing hatchet man." Burleigh said "it's not good" that major newspapers like The New York Times and The Washington Post had to "farm out" their work. Burleigh argued the outlets could have done the investigative work on their own because "[the] material is already out there."

Ingraham: Clinton donation scandal “most explosive issue in this campaign to date”

Laura Ingraham, Fox News

Laura Ingraham told viewers Monday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that the latest scandal to plague the presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton may be “the most explosive issue in this campaign to date.” “Did policy change because of donations or promised donations? If this is not a legitimate topic in governance today, I don’t know what is,” Ingraham, a Fox News contributor, commented.

NRA's LaPierre targets Hillary Clinton

Mary Troyan, The Tennessean

NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre skipped the Republican primary and went straight to the general election of 2016 by focusing his speech on likely Democratic frontrunner Hillary Rodham Clinton. "I vow on this day the NRA will stand shoulder to shoulder with you and good, honest decent Americans and we will stand and fight with everything we've got and in 2016, by God, we will elect the next great president of the United States of America and it will not be Hillary Rodham Clinton," LaPierre said.

NCPR: Hillary is probably unstoppable

Brian Mann, NCPR

National Public Radio analyst says the simple truth is that it’s very, very unlikely that anyone can beat Hillary Rodham Clinton, the former first lady, former US Senator and Secretary of State.  If you were putting honest money down right now in April of 2015, and you were a smart gambler, you’d bet Hillary.  Here’s why.

Hillary Clinton on the Issues

The New York Times

Hillary Rodham Clinton, a former secretary of state, has been most outspoken in recent years on foreign policy matters. But she has also taken positions on domestic and economic issues, like immigration and income inequality, that have been at the center of policy discussions since she left government. Here is a look at where she stands on some major issues from the far Left perspective of The New York Times.

Hillary Clinton 'champion' of America's middle class?


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Sunday officially announced her 2016 presidential campaign, ending months of speculation over her political plans and immediately elevating her as a target for the field of Republican contenders. Clinton made the announcement in a YouTube video in which she says: “Everybody needs a champion. And I want to be that champion.”

Rand Paul plans campaign against Hillary Clinton honesty

Mike Allen, Politico

Sen. Rand Paul, sitting down with POLITICO an hour after announcing his presidential bid, repeatedly attacked the honesty of Hillary Clinton and what he called the “shenanigans” of her family foundation — a window into his plan to make an issue of her character even during the Republican primaries. “There’s a lot of stuff there that is, I think, going to shake the confidence of Americans in her ability to lead in an honest fashion,” Paul said.