Hillary Clinton for President

NCPR: Hillary is probably unstoppable

Brian Mann, NCPR

National Public Radio analyst says the simple truth is that it’s very, very unlikely that anyone can beat Hillary Rodham Clinton, the former first lady, former US Senator and Secretary of State.  If you were putting honest money down right now in April of 2015, and you were a smart gambler, you’d bet Hillary.  Here’s why.

Hillary Clinton on the Issues

The New York Times

Hillary Rodham Clinton, a former secretary of state, has been most outspoken in recent years on foreign policy matters. But she has also taken positions on domestic and economic issues, like immigration and income inequality, that have been at the center of policy discussions since she left government. Here is a look at where she stands on some major issues from the far Left perspective of The New York Times.

Hillary Clinton 'champion' of America's middle class?


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Sunday officially announced her 2016 presidential campaign, ending months of speculation over her political plans and immediately elevating her as a target for the field of Republican contenders. Clinton made the announcement in a YouTube video in which she says: “Everybody needs a champion. And I want to be that champion.”

Hillary Clinton is About to Shake Up the Republican Primaries

With the official announcement of the Hillary Clinton campaign for President just around the corner we've begun to receive an avalanche of frantic e-mails asking “How are we going to beat Hillary?” CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie’s answer to that is almost always: Wrong question! The question limited government constitutional conservatives and other liberty loving voters should be asking is “How are we going to nominate a candidate who shares our values to oppose her?”

Hillary Clinton to Announce Presidential Run as Soon as This Weekend


Hillary Clinton will end years of speculation about her political ambitions and formally announce she is running for president as early as this weekend, people familiar with the matter said Thursday. So far, Mrs. Clinton faces scant competition for the Democratic nomination. Polls barely register former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley or former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb. One potential heavyweight—Vice President Joe Biden—has said he is considering a campaign but has taken few apparent steps to prepare for one.

Stop Hillary PAC raises $1.4 million

Jennifer Harper, The Washington Times

The Stop Hillary PAC is approaching its first anniversary and reports a few numbers that suggest the public is unnerved as well. The “Stop Hillary” clan now claims 827,000 supporters and has raised $1.4 million for their cause. The organizers have been frank about their mission since founding the group last May — and they have a single focus to prevent Mrs. Clinton from reaching the White House.