WH Still Hasn't Approved IRS Docs On Indiv. Mandate

Sarah Hurtubise, Daily Caller

Americans have to be prepared for an increased individual mandate tax to hit in just two weeks, but the White House still hasn’t gotten around to approving the IRS paperwork on the requirement.

How to Break Through the IRS Stonewall

Thomas Lifson, American Thinker

Using a little-known procedure, there is a way. First, see if Judge Jackson secures the IRS documents for Cause of Action. Congress should exercise their unique legal right to review the raw documents without deletions. If stymied, they too should sue.

Obama Admin Won't Turn Over Docs On IRS Abuse

John Hayward, Breitbart

The Administration has decided not to hand the docs over after all, citing a statute that basically says the privacy of the people whose privacy the WHouse violated would be violated by revealing details of the WHouse violation to the public. It sounds pretty fishy to Cause of Action.

What If the IRS Imposed a T & Nobody Paid?

Lawson Bader, Human Events

The Marketplace Fairness Act has a massive enforcement problem. But perhaps, therein lies the solution. Imagine the federal government passing a law that can’t actually be enforced. Congress might want to consider that and save face.

Law Lets IRS Seize Citizens’ Cash When No Crime Is Suspected

Derek Hunter, Daily Caller

Guilty until proven innocent: a law meant to catch money launderers is ensnaring small businesses and average Americans who haven't broken the law.

IRS Notches Legal Win in Tea Party Cases

Rachael Bade, Politico

The IRS may have inadvertently figured out how to win its legal battles against aggrieved tea party groups: Give them what they wanted in the first place — tax-exempt status.

GOP Pushes on Lost IRS Emails

Rachel Bade, Politico

House Republicans accused the Obama administration of barring them from interviewing an official they call key in learning about the loss of ex-IRS official Lois Lerner’s emails.

Meet The New Serfs: You

Kevin D. Williamson, National Review

Accountability is only for the little people. If an ordinary citizen makes a typo on his 1040EZ, he could be on the hook for untold sums of money, fines, even jail time. When the IRS abuses its power to harass political enemies, nothing happens.

Lerner Awkwardly Tries to Avoid IRS Questions

The Right Scoop Staff

Author Jason Mattera tracks down Lois Lerner while she’s walking her dogs & questions her about the IRS scandal. She walks up to a neighbor’s house to avoid answering questions, but her neighbors won’t let her in. She just stands there while Matter says, ‘it doesn’t feel good to be targeted does it?’

Tea Party Controversy Increases IRS FOIA Backlog

Bernie Becker, The Hill

The IRS backlog for freedom of info. requests grew rapidly amid its Tea Party controversy, according to a new fed. audit. Treasury’s inspector general for tax administration said in its new report that 217 information requests were stalled at the end of the '13 fiscal year: an 84% increase.

Time to Clean Up Eric Holder's Mess

David Bossie, Breitbart

Most, if not all, Repub. Senators believe there should be a Special Counsel in charge of investigating the IRS. Therefore, it is my hope that no Senator would vote to approve a new A.G. who is unwilling to do so. 

Contemptuous Assault on Constitution by Obama IRS Unmasked

Mark J. Fitzgibbons, American Thinker

The Obama IRS has a de facto war on Americans protecting our foundations based in the rule of law governing gov't itself. Thanks to Professor Rosenkranz for finding what the Congress and entire US press seem to have missed since May '13.

Lois Lerner Isn't Lying

Repair Man Jack, Red State

Progressivism's true believers are more frightening than it’s Hollow Men.

More Abject Failure from Koskinen’s IRS

Alan Joel, Red State

John Koskinen has done virtually nothing to restore the trust of the IRS to the American people. Koskinen is aware of many issues and irregularities, and yet he has yet to crack down on practices or implement stringent rules among his employees. His leadership has been derelict; his attitude abysmal.

Stonewall Koskinen

Kimberley A. Strassel, Wall Street Journal

The IRS commissioner was supposed to clean up the mess. Instead, he's running interference. The Koskinen fail is now becoming a central political focus, as Republicans and even some Democrats question his tenure.

The Lois Lerner IRS Targeting & Cover Up: All In The Nature Of Big Government

Once government reaches a certain size its prime directive ceases to be to serve the people who created it to become preserving itself and expanding its power. Obama, the Democratic Party and unionized government employees all have the same goal.

Media Frenzies Over Unsourced Gossip to Trash Palins

John Nolte, Breitbart

Over a private family matter based on an un-sourced, un-confirmed item in a local gossip blog, the media is relentless. Over Benghazi and the IRS, crickets. 

Holder Staffer Involved in Sleazy Effort to Undermine House IRS Investigation

Jonathan Strong, Breitbart

A senior communications aide to Attorney General Eric Holder, Brian Fallon, seemingly called House oversight committee chairman Darrell Issa's staff by accident and asked for their help spinning new revelations about the IRS scandal, Issa said in a 9/8 letter to Holder.

7 Questions Cruz Asked Obama IRS On Their Targeting Breitbart w/ Overreaching Audit

Tea Party News Network Staff

Ted Cruz wasted no time writing a letter to IRS Commissioner John Koskinen regarding the audit calling out the Obama IRS for behaving like a partisan political organization and questioning the decision to audit a conservative news outlet.

Lois Lerner's "Secret Research Project" Revealed

More emails squeezed out of the IRS by a Judicial Watch lawsuit reveal a dangerous IRS "secret research project" using illicitly-obtained confidential donor lists of conservative and Tea Party organizations that opposed President Obama’s agenda or reelection.