Trump Executive Order Strikes At The Heart Of Social Media’s Leftist Censorship

President Trump’s Executive Order puts the Trump administration squarely behind our interpretation of Section 230 platform immunity: By making itself an editor of content, such a provider forfeits any protections from being deemed a "publisher or speaker" under subsection 230 (c) (1), which properly applies only to a provider that merely provides a platform for content supplied by others.

Is Counterbalancing China The Reason For Trump’s Historic Visit To India?

However troubled its military, India holds an obvious strategic appeal to the United States by virtue of both its location and its size. India will soon become the world’s most populous country, on track to surpass China by 2027. It shares a long border with southern and western China and controls important territorial waters Beijing needs for its maritime trade routes.

Impeach Democrat Judges Who Welcome Jihadis And Welfare Grifters To America

Democrat federal district judges keep overreaching to impose their own “progressive” policy preferences on the President. At some point there must be consequences for this behavior, but don’t look for impeachment to be an option. House Democrats are too busy making up a case against President Trump to look at real impeachable offenses by liberal district court judges.

Trump’s Antagonism Of Iran Is A Wrapped Gift To Bernie

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

Trump has elevated the Middle East wars as a major issue in 2020, not his strong suit. For, as the military says, “The enemy gets a vote!” as to how much blood, including American blood, will be shed in 2020. With the killing of the general and the possibility of a U.S.-Iran war rising, Bernie is the Democratic candidate whose anti-war credentials are the longest and strongest and whose position of avoiding war with Iran is most in sync with the majority of the party he seeks to lead. Sanders could ride anti-war sentiment to victory in Iowa and New Hampshire and have the wind behind him going into South Carolina and Super Tuesday. He could occupy in 2020 the space Trump occupied in 2016.

Iran’s Airborne Chernobyl

Scott McKay, The American Spectator

That jetliner wasn’t quite the disaster Chernobyl was, but neither is the Iranian mullahocracy the Soviet Union. It’s a sleazy, illegitimate Third World thugocracy engaged in terrorism, international organized crime, and assorted dirty tricks designed to intimidate and destabilize its neighbors and others around the world, and it has been running a con game on the entire planet for the last 40 years. The mullahs have never delivered on any of their promises to the people of that country, and they’re hated by the Iranian people. It’s only a matter of time before the bell tolls for them. Now we’ll see how long the incompetence and lies can be carried by a failed regime.

Democrats Always Choose America’s Enemies Over America

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

Among the Democrat voters, there are patriots, including those who have served our country with honor and who continue serving today. Those Dem voters are disgusted with you and, if I was cynical, and I am totally cynical, I would issue them a heartfelt invitation to join the GOP, where people who love America are welcome. Walk away, Democrat patriots. Welcome to the GOP. Regardless, you don’t take our disagreements outside of the country. You don’t fight in front of foreigners. And you don’t ever take the enemy’s side. These are just basic, threshold requirements to call yourself a “patriot.” Unless you don’t want to be a patriot. Admit you are too weak to stand up for it.

Now Is The Time To Win The War With Iran

Demonstrators have taken to the streets calling for Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to step down and for those responsible for shooting down the Ukrainian jetliner killing all 176 aboard prosecuted. The weakness of Iran’s system of Wilayat al-Faqih has never been more obvious and the opportunity to undermine it from within rarely greater.

Neither Neocon nor Isolationist

Rich Lowry, National Review

Trump never promised anyone he’d refuse to respond to threats to Americans, or honor the unspoken rules protecting a bloodstained high official of a hostile foreign regime. If Trump had said any of these things, it would have been out of character. The killing of Soleimani is likelier to add to the legend of Donald Trump for his most loyal backers instead of give them pause. In their view, here is President Trump once again doing what no other president would do, taking an inordinate amount of criticism for it, often from a perpetually hysterical press corps, and having it work out (so far). Killing of Soleimani was an unmistakable expression of Trump’s distinctive worldview.

The Chicken Littles got everything wrong on Trump and Iran

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

Pelosi still believes in the fiction otherwise known as the Iranian nuke deal. They bought Barack Obama’s risible claim that the deal — not a treaty — would lure Iran back into the community of nations. Obama even sweetened the pot with billions of dollars, and skirted banking rules to deliver pallets of cash to Tehran. In fact, it was quickly clear that Soleimani used much of that money to fund armed proxy groups throughout the Mideast. As Trump said Wednesday, “Iran went on a terror spree funded by the money from the deal and created hell in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Iraq.” That blood money is part of what Pelosi wants to protect with her war powers resolution on Iran.

Nancy Pelosi gives bizarre, inappropriate press conference after plane crash

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

Speaker Pelosi is terrifying when she gets down to business. Mrs. Pelosi’s legislation was aimed at Mr. Trump. In all of the gravity and terror of the past week, Mrs. Pelosi’s only urgent response is to constrain the American president against Iran and the terrorists who chant, “Death to America!” “The administration conducted a provocative, disproportionate airstrike against Iran, which endangered Americans and did so without informing Congress,” she sniffed. What, precisely, would have been a more proportionate response for a terrorist plotting to kill American troops and diplomats Mrs. Pelosi did not say. She was off to celebrate the wedding of Barbara Lee.

It's war with Iran. Is America in it to win it?

Cal Thomas, Washington Times

Iran’s theocratic leadership believes war is the path to revealing the “12th Imam,” their version of the Christian second coming. The mullahs of Iran are true believers who it appears are willing, even eager, to die for their cause, or more accurately have others die in their place. Iran and its proxies kill U.S. troops, along with Iranian and foreign civilians and we are supposed to take it. If America responds to Iran, as President Trump has done (unlike Obama and Clinton), we are the enemy of peace and guilty of “escalating” the conflict. War is never a one-way street, unless one side pre-emptively surrenders. Victory must be our goal and should be defined.

Iran’s Options in a Showdown with America Are All Bad

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

Constant provocation is a not a good alternative, but it’s probably seen as preferable to the other poor choices. The strategic aim in such endless tit-for-tat would be to wear down the patience of the U.S. public in an election year. Iran’s goal might be something like re-creating the melodrama of the 1979–81 hostage crisis, Saddam Hussein’s rope-a-dope strategy, or Bill Clinton’s three-month bombing campaign in Yugoslavia. Tehran hopes for American strategic ossification that could prove politically toxic. But that scenario, too, is unlikely. As long as Trump replies with air power disproportionate to any Iranian attacks, he, not Tehran, governs the tempo of the confrontation.

Conservatives Split On War Powers

We are inclined to agree that raising the war powers issue at this time gives aid and comfort to the enemy – but the enemy in question is not Iran, it is the Democrats who want only to make points with their Trump-hating base and render President Trump impotent in the face of Iranian threats and aggression.

Our Unpatriotic Press Coddles Dictators

L. Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham, CNS News

There's nothing wrong with skeptical questions of our government. But why is it impossible to celebrate blowing up the man responsible for the deaths of untold thousands? And why do the media so often fail to muster that same sort of skeptical questioning for the tyrants and thugs opposing American interests? Theirs is a long, sordid history of offering unchallenged platforms, and even buttery sympathy, to our enemies. If our press were truly patriotic, they would question our tyrannical enemies at least as skeptically as they question our own elected leaders. Instead, they're so hungry for access, for a big "get," that they sound like butlers and maids of the world's worst thugs.

Trump didn’t make Iran’s rulers killers, but Obama did enable them

Editors, Washington Examiner

The Iran deal was not disastrous merely because Obama accepted a ludicrously weak inspections protocol, although he did. It was awful because it still enabled the regime to become a more powerful conventional threat by providing the mullahs with the money to pursue terrorism and the freedom to develop ballistic missiles. Furthermore, restrictions imposed by the deal would have started to sunset after 10 years, meaning the terror state still maintained its long-term ability to develop nuclear weapons. The Obama administration and its allies are attempting to blame Trump for bad Iranian behavior to distract people from recognizing the failed legacy of the deal.

Sorry Democrats, There Is A Trump Doctrine, And It’s A Good One

Despite what the Democrats and their media allies want Americans to believe about President Trump and his foreign policy, Trump has been remarkably consistent in his approach to rogue states, such as North Korea and Iran. And the Trump doctrine makes a lot more sense than sending them pallets of cash or refusing to engage with them and pretending they are not there.

Soleimani dead, but 'America First' very much alive

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

We are deeply entangled in Iraq, a place Mr. Trump and many Americans would dearly like to depart. Along comes Iran, which launches an attack on our embassy compound in Baghdad, ordered by this thug Soleimani. What on God’s green Earth is Mr. Trump supposed to do in response to such an attack? Write a check for more than $1 billion and give it to the mullahs? Send a plane under the cover of darkness carrying pallets of $400 million in unmarked cash for the ayatollah? Wipe out effective sanctions so that Soleimani might sow even more terrorism around the world? Well, that is precisely what the previous administration did. But not Mr. Trump. Instead, he killed the thug.

Could The Confrontation With Iran Go Nuclear?

The most important thing to come out in the post-Soleimani statements from the White House was this comment from National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien: "I think the President made it very clear that Iran will not have a nuclear weapon and I think we have got a lot of friends and allies both in the region and in Europe who are committed to that outcome.”

How Tucker And Rand Got It Wrong On Killing Soleimani

As we have explained on numerous occasions Iran has declared war on America and the West, so whether we wish it, or not, we are in a war with the Islamic Republic, and whether we wish it, or not, one of the principle battlefields in that war is Iraq, where, until President Trump took him out, Qasem Soleimani was directing operations against us with impunity.

Biden Wrong On Foreign Policy And Lying About It (Again)

As former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates once said, Joe Biden has been "wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades." Now Biden is lying and trying to rewrite history to cover up those miscalculations and failures in judgement. Here are six recent lies about foreign policy from Joe Biden.