Islam in America

Who was Chattanooga shooter Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez?

Ben Brumfield and Scott Zamost, CNN

Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez, who shot dead four U.S. Marines and wounded three more people in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is described as a once devoted, disciplined mixed martial arts fighter. A top student known for smarts, charm and humor. And a devout Muslim, who kept in touch with his roots in the Middle East.

Boston beheading plot may have targeted Pamela Geller


Pamela Geller told CNN on Thursday that she believed that Usamaah Abdullah Rahim, whom police said they shot dead on Tuesday after he allegedly confronted them with a large knife, had intended to come after her.

Why Does The Left Kowtow To Islam?

Robert Tracinski, The Federalist

The American left has spent the past few weeks trying to tell us that they believe in free speech, but…—and the “but” is that anything that offends the sensibilities of Islamic fanatics is unnecessarily provocative, hateful, and possibly racist. Therefore, such “hate speech” shouldn’t be allowed. Now they’ve gotten a taste of their own medicine.