Coronavirus: More Signs of Hope From Italy

Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator

America’s COVID-19 pandemic will get worse — and possibly much worse — before it gets better, and nowhere is it likely to get worse than in New York City. Of the 81,836 U.S. coronavirus cases reported by Thursday evening, more than half (44,134, or 54 percent of the total) were in New York and New Jersey. New York reported more than 100 deaths from the disease in a single day. As bad as it is in New York now, it’s going to get much worse during the next week. But if the course of Italy’s outbreak is an indicator, the situation in New York (and in the rest of America) should begin to improve during the second week of April. Keep an eye on Italy.

Coronavirus: A Glimmer of Hope

Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator

When President Trump declared that our country would be back in business sooner than most people think, I was inclined to agree with him. Stay at home, wash your hands, and keep an eye on Italy. If their numbers of new cases keep trending downward over the next week, we can expect that our numbers will follow the same path a week or two later. whatever our death toll is on the worst day of this crisis, we should be past that point by the second week of April, and the daily numbers will then begin to decline. Or at least that’s what we can expect to see if this tiny glimmer of hope from Italy turns out to be a promise of better days to come. Let us pray it is so.

Coronavirus: The Price of Luxury

Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator

Italy now has more coronavirus deaths than any other country because of... luxury. Many American cases of COVID-19 can be traced to the Italian outbreak, including the first case reported in New Hampshire, a person who traveled to Italy, and the first case reported in Missouri, a college student who studied in Italy. Our media, however, seem more interested in accusing Trump of racism than in explaining the factors that made Italy a breeding ground for a disease that originated in China. Importing workers to manufacture “Made in Italy” fashion made luxury items cheaper. Now the full price is being paid, and it’s turning out to be painfully expensive.

What Happens to Christians There Will Come Here

Here in America our church and political leaders, such as Speaker Paul Ryan and the hierarchy of Washington’s Episcopal National Cathedral, are not just allowing, but encouraging the same kind of Muslim invasion that is extinguishing European Christianity.

Lessons From The World War I Centennial

Perhaps the most under-recognized lesson that Americans should take from our entry into World War I was the vast series of unintended consequences that were loosed by our involvement in the war to "make the world safe for democracy."

Brexit was a Win for the Good Guys

The Brexiteers deserve at least a couple hurrahs. The European Union created a common economic market throughout the continent, an undoubted good, but since then has focused on becoming a meddling Leviathan like that in Washington, D.C. In the Brexit the good guys won.

Political Earthquake Hits as British Exit European Union

The impact of the British vote to exit the European Union will radiate across the continent. Some Eurocrats imagine that dissatisfaction with the EU is a uniquely English phenomenon. It actually is much more because “the EU is undemocratic not by accident, but by design.” Thus, the British are not the only Europeans desiring to escape from the EU’s smothering embrace.