Joe Biden

Dems Overestimate Biden’s Success

George Neumayr, The American Spectator

Joe Biden's success has less to do with his qualities than those of his opponents. He beat an exceedingly weak field. Even liberals argue Biden won by default. Biden has taken to referring to himself as a “bridge,” as if his geriatric candidacy was little more than a stopgap measure for a party bereft of leadership. But Biden does have at least one advantage over the party’s last candidate, Hillary Clinton. He is not nearly as reviled as she was. Then again, he won’t be facing a rookie candidate in Donald Trump but rather an incumbent president with a record of demonstrable successes. Democrats who are reading too much into Biden’s comeback against an inept field may be in for a rude shock.

Joe Biden’s Bizarre Outburst Is Everything That Is Wrong With The Democrat Party

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

We understand the rules that apply to us don’t apply to moronic mandarins like Gropey Joe or to their relatives like Hunter, the Snortunate Son. And that’s how the Democrat establishment wants it. Or, rather, that’s what it wants to return to. By rallying around the tattered banner of Joe Biden, Democrats forfeited the chance to offer the candidate of change. Rather, they seek to offer the candidate of change back, back to the ineptly managed national decline of the Obama years. If Joe Biden wins, he will not serve – he will be out in the Rose Garden frying bugs with a magnifying glass while a brainless trust of Obama retreads gets to work transforming all of America into Scat Francisco.

Is Joe Biden mentally fit to be president?

Cal Thomas, Washington Times

The modern media trend is to make fun of President Trump for his alleged and actual misstatements of fact. You have to go a long way -- Australia -- to find a media outlet willing to make fun of a U.S. liberal Democrat. The host of a program called “Outsiders,” Rita Panahi, assembled a montage of gaffes and gibberish from former Vice President and Democratic candidate Joe Biden. The Biden montage makes you ask: Is this guy mentally fit to be president? Biden supporters might argue the clips are edited, but what makes them formidable, credible — even incredible — is that they appear to reflect Mr. Biden’s speech and thought patterns over many years. Grab some popcorn and watch it all.

Assault on America, Day 436: Questions debate moderators should ask Bernie & Joe on Sunday

With the Democrat presidential race all-but over, Sunday’s “debate” is bound to feel anti-climactic and like a waste of time. Perhaps the only yet to be determined matter is whether Biden can keep his wits together for two hours -- and whether Bernie finally takes off the gloves regarding Joe’s massive corruption deficit.

Democrats Are Nominating Chance the Gardener From ‘Being There’ for President

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

Something cruel, even sadistic, emanates from the nomination of someone either over or on the edge of senility. Considering how Joe is now, think how he will be in two or three years in the midst of his presidency. The potential for public humiliation is high, as is the necessity to surround him with “advisors” to prop him up. But that may be the point. A particularly mediocre group of candidates failed, but will get a second chance. There’s no “there” in “Being There” and someone—Booker, Harris, Klobuchar, Buttigieg, any of a number of people—will be calling the shots in reality from behind the scenes. Forget Truman’s famous “The buck stops here.” It would be “The buck stops where?”

Biden’s Second Amendment Outburst Was a Warning Sign

Charles C. Cooke, National Review

Democrats should be worried because, whatever the chorus of blue-check journalists who thrilled to the exchange might think, Biden was flatly wrong on the details here. Biden took offense at the idea that he was in favor of confiscation — “Don’t tell me that, pal,” he said. But what other conclusion are voters to draw from Biden’s having said that he would put Beto “hell yes, we’re coming for your AR-15” O’Rourke in charge of his gun policy? O’Rourke is now primarily famous for having taken the most extreme gun position any presidential candidate has taken in three decades, and Biden has willingly tied himself to him. Can he really be surprised that voters have put two and two together?

Joe Biden Is China’s Choice for President

The Democratic Party has always been weak on national security when it comes to China. But at least some prominent Democrats loudly criticized Beijing for its atrocious human-rights record and its theft of American jobs, well before Donald Trump helped form a new national consensus on China. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have been longstanding China trade hawks, even socialist Bernie Sanders has been a reliable critic. And Joe Biden? Well, he’s on China’s side — not yours.

Assault on America, Day 435: Coronavirus will neither help nor hinder Trump’s reelection drive

Coronavirus is a serious matter and President Trump is giving it its due consideration. Life must go on and Trump’s reaction to the fears of normal people is in line with what any leader should do. If the president went around acting scared, it would only make things worse. Be thankful for competent political leadership at times like these.

Three reasons Joe Biden will never be president

Byron York, Washington Examiner

What does 36 years in the Senate say about a politician? It says he is a senator — not a president -- the first reason Biden will not become president is that no one who served 36 years in the Senate has ever become president. What about his eight years as vice president? Certainly that could be the basis for a successful presidential run. But the second reason Biden will not become president is that the record of vice presidents on that score is not encouraging. The third reason Biden will not be president is the "14-Year Rule." The idea of former George W. Bush speechwriter John McConnell, and popularized by writer Jonathan Rauch, it basically says that politicians have a strict sell-by date.

Race-hustler Joe Biden

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

Democrats have eliminated both Kamala Harris and Cory Booker from the nomination contest this year. The only remaining viable candidates are two septuagenarian white men. One is Joe Biden and the other is Vermont Sen. Bernard Sanders, a socialist whom Democrats would rather see lose the election than take over their party. Suddenly, Mr. Biden is not so racist. Both Ms. Harris and Mr. Booker have endorsed him. According to Ms. Harris, Mr. Biden “has served our country with dignity and we need him now more than ever. I will do everything in my power to help elect him the next president of the United States.” So much for hobnobbing with segregationists and thwarting desegregation.

Bernie’s Abortion Comment Destroys A Campaign Finance Law Fallacy

The moral -- even if political -- response of pro-life voters to Bernie Sanders’ statement on his leftwing political imperative about abortion is compelled by conscience. But to spend money publishing these moral sentiments to defeat Sanders and other Democrats requires reporting ourselves to the government in public records, which is not only a burden on free speech, but opens us to doxing by radicals, and in today’s political environment, harassment or even violence by extremists.

Assault on America, Day 434: To Democrats, everything and nothing sounds good at one time

Regardless of the reasons, Democrats are pretty much stuck with Joe Biden -- and all that comes with him -- for their party nominee. The 2020 field’s women candidates didn’t lose because of their gender; they lost because they weren’t good choices and the establishment first sought to take care of their own.

Disappointed in their choices, desperate Democrats settle for Biden

Editors, Washington Examiner

Democrats elected their last three presidents by taking risks and choosing dark-horse candidates (Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama). Their relatively inoffensive, “safe” nominees (think of Al Gore or John Kerry) tend not to do so well. Before Trump, Republicans had also fared poorly in choosing inoffensive, “my turn next” nominees out of large, competitive fields. Neither Bob Dole nor John McCain nor Mitt Romney had what it took. If he can hold off Sanders for a few more weeks and cobble together enough delegates to secure the nomination, Biden will surely be a tough opponent for Trump. But how strange that he has become the one Democrats are desperate to settle for.

Joe Biden Owes Clarence Thomas an Apology

David Harsanyi, National Review

It was Biden who helped turn Senate Judiciary Committee hearings into nasty, hyper-politicized smear-fests that set the precedent for the Kavanaugh hearing. To be fair to Biden, he was an exceptionally incompetent and indecisive chairman, easily cowed and unable to control the hearings. After promising to support Bork, he switched his vote. If Biden should apologize to anyone, it’s Clarence Thomas (not Anita Hill). Or maybe the American people, for allowing judicial confirmation hearings to be turned into partisan-fueled character assassinations, weaponized to destroy the legitimacy of the Supreme Court — all in the service of nothing more noble than the killing of the unborn.

Assault on America, Day 433: Biden momentum surge destined to drown in sea of hypocrisy

The past couple weeks demonstrated how quickly things change in the world of politics and how voter attitudes often shift without explanation. One thing that will likely remain the same is President Trump’s hold on the loyalty of conservatives and Republicans. Democrats can’t match it, regardless of who wins their nomination.

Biden’s New Status Doesn’t Come With A New Biden

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

If earlier reports of the demise of Joe Biden were premature, so, too, are today’s confident predictions of a Biden sweep this November, marching over the political corpse of Trump and bringing in a Democratic Senate and Democratic House. As Yogi Berra said, “It ain’t over till it’s over.” Sanders is a true believer. And, for such as these, it is better to die on the hill you have lived and fought on than to march into camp to be patted on the head by an establishment that secretly detests you. He may be hailed by a fickle media as a conquering hero today. But after the cheering stops, Biden is going to be, for the next eight months, the same candidate he has been for the last eight months.

The Democratic Disaster Just Got Even More Hilarious

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

Donald Trump still has the change thing going for him in a good way – the Dingus of Dover is the candidate of the past, and Vermont Stalin is the candidate of a dystopian future. And the flaws of these individuals, combined with the flaws of their poisonous leftist ideologies like climate cultism and pronoun insanity, make them vulnerable to a guy who is not going to let the Candy Crowleys of the media stuff a ball gag in his cliché hole like that sap Mitt Romney. Super Tuesday settled nothing. This fight is going to go on for the next six months until one of these fossils “wins.” And then Trump is going to kick the Schiff out him right up into November.

Bad News: Lindsey Graham Wants Election Year Immigration Bill

The idea that giving amnesty to illegal aliens, no matter how tear-jerkingly their case is presented, will net the President more votes than he loses to those who oppose special treatment for any class of illegal aliens, shows just how out of touch Senator Lindsey Graham and the pro-amnesty crowd in the White House are with Trump’s base voters.

Assault on America, Day 432: Jealousy and envy of Trump won’t heal Democrats’ deep divisions

Democrats envy Donald Trump, and the jealousy doesn’t end there. Liberals see a Republican Party united like never before and the daunting prospect of battling an incumbent president who’s (literally) survived trial after trial. There are dark clouds on the horizon and Democrats are justifiably terrified.

Why Trump Would Easily Beat Biden

David Catron, The American Spectator

Even if Joe were able to handle the job, he couldn’t be trusted with it. Biden’s career is a case study in nepotism and influence peddling. Even Politico Magazine admits, “Over his decades in office, ‘Middle-Class Joe’s’ family fortunes have closely tracked his political career.” By now everyone in the galaxy knows the tawdry tale of Hunter Biden. The Atlantic styles this “socially acceptable corruption.” But most voters don’t see it that way. Biden and his crooked cronies represent a fetid swamp filled with self-dealing politicians and bureaucrats. Donald Trump was sent to Washington to rid us of such people. They will never replace him with an archetypal swamp creature like Biden.