Joe Biden

After Super Tuesday rush, will there be a Biden hangover?

Byron York, Washington Examiner

The party's rush to Biden on Super Tuesday was so swift it almost invites rethinking in the days to come. In short: Will there be a Biden hangover? What is at stake is the resolution of a deep divide in the Democratic Party between Sanders' young, revolution-minded constituency, now strengthened by significant numbers of Hispanic voters, and Biden's older, more cautious electorate. The outcome might be decided less on the substance of issues than on the temperament and stamina of two men who, were either elected, would turn 80 shortly after entering the White House. Many Democrats, especially those who were proud of their candidates' diversity, will wonder how they got here.

Joe Biden Is No ‘Moderate’ On Immigration And Amnesty For Illegal Aliens

If Joe Biden’s radical stance on immigration is what passes for “moderate” in the Democratic Party, then they really have gone off the progressive cliff. In essence, his proposals would create an "amnesty in place," gut worksite enforcement, create a magnet for millions to enter the United States illegally and prove a boon to human traffickers and fraudulent-document vendors.

Assault on America, Day 429: Would Donald Trump really dump Mike Pence for Nikki Haley?

Just because the Democrat establishment was able to pull off a miracle and save Joe Biden’s candidacy from the political trash heap doesn’t grant them license to start giving President Trump advice – or to predict that he’s about to dump Mike Pence for Nikki Haley. Time and events are on Trump’s side – and he knows it.

The battle of the Democratic septuagenarians

Joseph Curl, Washington Times

“The most diverse field of Democratic presidential candidates ever” is, for all intents and purposes, down to four whites in their 70s. The American Federation of Aging Research estimated the chances for the 2020 candidates to survive one and two terms. For one term, Mr. Sanders came in at 76.8%, Mr. Biden 79.2%, Mr. Trump 84.8% (to make it through a second term), Ms. Warren 91.8%. For two terms, it was Mr. Sanders 66.6%, Mr. Biden 70% and Ms. Warren 88%. The authors didn’t run numbers on Bloomberg. But the bottom line is this: All four of the candidates would benefit from picking a younger running mate, just as Sen. John McCain did when he put then-Gov. Sarah Palin on his ticket.

Assault on America, Day 428: Resurrected Joe Biden ain’t any better than the one left for dead

Joe Biden just ain’t that smart. And voting against Trump won’t be enough, especially since Harry Reid tipped Democrats’ (empty) hand early – all they have is racism and fear mongering going for them. That’s Hillary redux, not a winning message. Democrats very well could regret bringing Joe back from the political dead.

Klobuchar & Buttigieg Out as Warren Plots ‘Compromise’ Victory

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

This is now boiling down to a Biden-Sanders race for the Democratic nomination. The drama will come in these two sides trying to reconcile to battle Trump in the general. To say the least, it won’t be easy. Sanders and his supporters already feel they have been unfairly denied once. Would Joe offer the VP to Bernie as a peace offering? Unlikely. That would make two late septuagenarians, both of whom have had health issues. (The optics of going everywhere with a team of cardiologists are not good.) And Bernie probably wouldn’t take it anyway. The Bernie Bros would not approve. This gives Warren yet another chance as a possible Biden VP choice. Joe and Liz—seems like a sitcom, doesn’t it?

The Myth Of Joe Biden The Moderate

The Democrats’ problem in appealing to moderates is pretty simple – try as they might to disguise their real views, none of the Democrat candidates, especially Joe Biden, are moderates. Setting aside Biden’s rapidly increasing propensity to have brain freezes and bizarre episodes of confusion out on the campaign trail, the former VP has revealed himself to be no “moderate” on issue after issue.

Assault on America, Day 427: Democrats forget Joe Biden is/was an awful (and old) candidate

With the Democrat nominating contest dwindled down to two viable contenders, the chances of party voters settling on one clear leader before their convention aren’t great. The effort to stop Bernie Sanders will continue but it’ll take something akin to a miracle to make either of them look as strong and vibrant as Trump.

Neither Bernie, Nor Biden, Nor Bloomberg Will Stop Trump’s Continued Winning

Roger Kimball, The Epoch Times

Poor Joe Biden. His victory in South Carolina will not, as some pundits are claiming, “resuscitate” or “breathe life” into the ailing former vice-president’s asphyxiating campaign. That ship has sailed, as we’ll all see on Tuesday when Bernie Sanders and Mike Bloomberg divide up most of the delegate cake. During his first campaign, Donald Trump used to joke that he would be so successful at turning around the country that people would “get tired of winning.” They aren’t tired of winning yet, which is why the wrecking ball that is Bernie Sanders will be shattered during the nomination process or, should he win the nomination, be utterly obliterated come the election in November.

Democrats Trying To Consolidate Race Into Biden vs. Bernie

Klobuchar and Buttigieg are endorsing former Vice President Joe Biden in an effort to pump up his faltering campaign, and as the Democrat establishment tries to consolidate behind Biden, the Far Left has begun a social media campaign to push Senator Elizabeth Warren to drop out of the race and endorse Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders.

Assault on America, Day 426: What Super Tuesday won’t solve (Trump and minority voters)

After Super Tuesday, much discussion will focus on the remaining viable candidates in the Democrat presidential race, but it shouldn’t be ignored how President Trump’s campaign is gaining a foothold with once solid Democrat constituencies. This won’t change regardless of whether it’s Bloomberg, Biden or Sanders that eventually faces him.

Biden Wins SC, Bernie Wins Cash And Polls Heading To Super Tuesday

Joe Biden goes into the Democrats' Super Tuesday primaries almost broke and with no time to turn his South Carolina win into campaign cash. Sleepy Joe may have picked up a little bounce from his South Carolina win, and Michael Bloomberg may have dumped half-a-billion dollars on TV, but it is the Far Left "woke" progressives that are driving the Democratic primaries in most states, and they are solidly in Bernie Sanders’ corner.

Biden southern win could set up regional showdown with Bernie

Byron York, Washington Examiner

The factors that led to Biden's win here all apply to other states with similar mixes of black and white voters. Looking ahead to Super Tuesday, Biden appears strong in North Carolina and has a chance to finish well in Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and possibly even Texas. If, as expected, Sanders wins California and other non-Southern states, the results of this primary, combined with Super Tuesday, could set up a regional showdown for the nomination, with a deeply divided party struggling to settle on a nominee. Biden, the South Carolina winner, will likely face, in Sanders, a candidate who won the most votes in the first three contests and then in the biggest prize of all, California.

Assault on America, Day 425: Bloviating Biden wins one for the ruling class in South Carolina

Joe Biden will no doubt enjoy his South Carolina victory, but he shouldn’t get cocky. Super Tuesday looms large on the horizon and his prospects don’t look nearly as promising in the days ahead. The Democrat presidential race is more confused than ever, and the Palmetto State only made it worse.

Assault on America, Day 422: Dems’ coronavirus hype is climate change with a Chinese face

Some people need a reason to worry about something and that certainly appears to be the case where the coronavirus is concerned. With any number of more pervasive and lethal problems all around us, it just doesn’t make sense to scare the bejesus out of people for no legitimate reason. It’s all about politics, isn’t it?

Despite another big gaffe, Biden survives debate with no winners

Byron York, Washington Examiner

By the end of two raucous and unedifying hours, it appeared Biden might have done just enough to squeak by. The polls still show Biden in the lead in South Carolina, although by a much smaller margin than just a few weeks ago. Apart from an apparent outlier poll from the Democratic firm PPP that showed Biden with a 15 percentage point lead, other surveys have shown him with a 4-5 percentage point advantage. It's not much, but there are still moderate Democrats, both black and white, in South Carolina who find Biden a more acceptable choice than Sanders, who they view as an extremist, and Bloomberg, who they view as an unappealing billionaire who spent most of his career not being a Democrat.

Assault on America, Day 421: R’s and D’s bet on boost in voter turnout in 2020. Will it happen?

It’s curious that in 2020, the establishment media doesn’t have to work hard to hype the upcoming election. Should the contest eventually boil down to Trump versus Sanders, there will be plenty of people participating who previously didn’t give a squat about politics. Who will come out ahead?

Biden’s Firewall Is Sputtering

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

Sanders represents “Medicare for All.” Abolition of private health insurance. War on Wall Street. The Green New Deal. Free college tuition. Forgiveness of all student debt. Open borders. Supreme Court justices committed to Roe v. Wade. Welfare for undocumented migrants. A doubling of the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Winston Churchill once observed: “Some regard private enterprise as if it were a predatory tiger to be shot. Others look upon it as a cow that they can milk. Only a handful see it for what it really is — the strong horse that pulls the whole cart.” Sanders sees free market capitalism as a fat goose that lays golden eggs and can be hectored, squeezed and beaten into producing lots more.

Why Were The Democrats All Beating Up On Bernie?

Former Mayors Pete Buttigieg and Michael Bloomberg may have a point about Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders' lack of appeal to suburban middle-income voters. But here’s the problem – all the Democratic candidates are with Bernie or even to the Left of him on issue after issue.

Assault on America, Day 420: Did Democrats trigger a civil war in South Carolina again?

South Carolinians vote on Saturday and then on Super Tuesday, March 3, 1,617 total delegates will be awarded in 14 state primaries. Democrat voters will determine the winners and losers of party debates, and if the past is any indication, Bernie Sanders offers the most of what they like to see. Is America watching?