John Kasich

Kasich Quest Angering GOP

Jonathan Easley, The Hill

A broad cross-section of the GOP is frustrated by what they view as John Kasich’s quixotic quest for the GOP presidential nomination. The Republicans – some who favor Ted Cruz, some who oppose Donald Trump, some whose sympathies lie with grassroots conservatives, and others with close ties to the establishment – argue Kasich's quest is futile and self serving, and that it is now helping Trump sew up the nomination.

Kasich Pulling all Wisconsin Radio Ads

Leon H. Wolf, RedState

The only plausible explanation for what is happening here is that Kasich is running out of money. Which is pretty much the only thing that will stop his campaign from rolling pointlessly on, is if he becomes unable to write checks to John Weaver and the gang. In other words, this might be the start of some very good news.

A vote for Kasich is a vote for Trump

Michael Barone, National Review

Kasich has won only one primary, in his home state, and finished second in three more, all in New England. The chances are vanishingly minimal that a convention, once Trump falls short of 1,237, would nominate him for president. But vice president? Maybe — if, despite Kasich’s recent claim that he would never be a running mate, his 143 delegates put Trump over the top.


Rich Lowry, Politico

There is no excuse for Kasich, who knows a thing or two about elections, not realizing this. It’s hard to avoid the conclusion that he is still in the race only because he is less realistic and, sadly, less honorable than the candidates who have dropped out before him.

Establishment shift to Cruz means Kasich should get out

Niall Stanage, The Hill

The move by big centrist names toward Cruz is “sending a clear message to Kasich that it is time to get out,” said GOP strategist and Hill contributor Matt Mackowiak. “He is playing spoiler, he has no real path to the nomination. People who would be for him are choosing to be with Cruz because he has a better chance. That is a powerful thing in and of itself.”

John Kasich’s utterly strange, bizarre campaign

Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call

Kasich’s campaign has bordered on the bizarre. He has survived for two reasons: First, he has refused to get out, no matter how badly he has done. And second, he has been so irrelevant that nobody attacked him, leaving him generally unscathed in a race where there is plenty of blood on the floor.

FLASH: At Least 28 Dead in Brussels Muslim Terror Attack

The usual suspects, such as Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Governor John Kasich will say this isn’t about the Muslim religion – like Hell it isn’t. In the face of this latest Muslim terror attack it is past time to ask why does America need over 2.3 million Muslim immigrants? Why would our government willingly import this kind of violence to America?

Arizona and Utah Primaries: Cruz is the Best Candidate to Beat Hillary

In Ted Cruz conservatives don’t have to wonder where he stands on the conservative cultural agenda or on battling the Washington Cartel. We contrast that with his chief opponent, Donald Trump, who has not only flip-flopped on many issues of concern to conservatives, but in many respects is the poster boy for the kind of crony government that spawned the Tea Party rebellion.

We Urge Cruz and Trump Delegates to Build an Outsider Alliance for the GOP Convention

We urge the Cruz and Trump delegates in other states to follow the lead of Tennessee's Joe Carr, state Senator Mae Beavers and Steve Gill and work together to make sure that, while they follow their principles and work to nominate their candidate, the Republican political class does not steal the nomination and succeed in forcing another content-free candidate and campaign down the throats of rebellious grassroots conservatives.

John Kasich Has No Money or Mathematical Way to Be the Nominee

Erick Erickson, The Resurgent

If John Kasich were to win 100% of every remaining delegate up for grabs in the Republican nomination process, he would still not be able to reach 1,237 delegates. On top of that, it turns out Kasich’s cash on hand has dwindled to about a million dollars. That’s not enough to run a campaign to get the delegates remaining. Ted Cruz, by contrast, has $8 million on hand and is raising money at a faster rate than Kasich.

John Kasich Claims A Fake Mitt Romney Endorsement In Utah

streiff, RedState

Mitt Romney is encouraging Utahans to vote for Ted Cruz. John Kasich, whose only hope for the nomination lies in some bizarre Rube Goldberg scheme where Cruz and Trump delegates vote for him at the RNC convention, being the petty little man that he is, is not happy. So he’s running an ad showing Romney stumping for him in Ohio in Utah.

Kasich Says 'Path to Legalization' Is Not Amnesty

Susan Jones, CNS News

On several of the Sunday shows, Kasich explained again what he will and will not do on illegal immigration. He said he believes his guest worker/path to legalization plan will be accepted both by the American people and by the Congress, even though the Republican-led House rejected a similar plan in 2013.