John Kasich

Only Two Things Can Stop Trump

By Richard A. Viguerie
Ted Cruz did a good job in the debate last night, but from the perspective of my 50+ years in conservative politics at the national level, it is clear that only two things can stop Donald Trump now:  Trump himself or a united conservative movement.

Rubio and Kasich Make GOP’s Survival Hostage to Trump’s “Pledge”

Josh Hammer, The Resurgent

Consolidating behind Ted Cruz immediately—#CruzOrLose, as I like to refer to this—is hardly a guarantee to stop Trump before a brokered convention.  But there is no middle ground, at all, between this strategy and the brokered convention strategy.  I humbly submit that #CruzOrLose is the better option.

Vote for Ted Cruz Like The Future Of Your Country Depends Upon It

What the Republican establishment fears more than anything, including a Donald Trump nomination, is that when Ted Cruz wins he brings more than a new Republican administration to power – he brings us – the limited government constitutional conservative movement to power.

Texas CNN Republican debate: Trump exposed as fraud in Rubio-Cruz pincer movement

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz hit Donald Trump hard in Thursday night’s debate. Plus, Rubio wins on style, Cruz wins on substance; Ted Cruz looks to be winning in Texas…will it be enough?; Voters don’t want “electability” in 2016, they want strong leadership; Thursday night’s was the first debate where foreign policy took a back seat; Donald Trump won’t release his tax returns…but is it a problem?; Ben Carson defiant about staying in the race, but we’re the ones paying for it, and, Conclusion – making sense of 2016.

Kasich says Rubio is wasting donors' dollars

Ben Kamisar, The Hill

John Kasich's presidential campaign is casting Marco Rubio's operation as profligate spenders as he looks to challenge the Florida senator for the mantle of the race's viable establishment candidate. Kasich's campaign noted that Rubio spent more money in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada than any other candidate — with few delegates to show for it.

New Fed Up PAC Poll: Conservatives Say Trump Strong But Not Unbeatable

Many conservatives remain concerned that an establishment candidate may yet emerge, with only 44% believing that a defeat in South Carolina would cause Bush, Rubio or Kasich to get out of the race.  A 56% majority say that it is still possible that an establishment candidate will displace conservative Ted Cruz as Trump's chief rival.