John Kasich

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Democrats’ debate – blame the Republicans!

Democrat debate summary – America would be great if…? Plus, Should Republicans root for Hillary to win the Democrat nomination?; Hillary versus Carly wouldn’t be a fair fight; Trump targets the wishy-washy crowd and his opponents, and, Ben Carson’s religious beliefs aren’t strange.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Democrats debate tonight. Will anyone watch?

Democrats to debate for the first time tonight. Plus, Ben Carson won’t let the media get to him; GOP establishment has no more crowns to pass out in South Carolina, and, Santorum and Jindal try to rise in the polls by lowering taxes.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Intractable Donald Trump still on top

Another new poll shows Trump leading the outsiders dominating the establishment candidates. Plus, Ted Cruz is talking to other candidates’ voters, so what?; Congressional endorsements – who really wants them?; Ben Carson battles the press – and the press will lose, and, Huckabee wants a “no rules” debate.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Are Donald Trump and Ben Carson real conservatives?

Jesus had a ground game and the “outsiders” will need one too. Plus, Gallup’s exit and snapshots in time; Are Trump and Carson feeling the heat because of a lack of conservative credentials?; No joke: Mitt Romney for Speaker rumors, and, Does anyone buy Jeb Bush as a ‘disruptor?’

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Bobby Jindal says everyone needs skin in the game

Gallup is no longer polling the horse race. Plus, Bobby Jindal says everyone needs skin in the game; Ted Cruz hasn’t made his move yet and when he does, watch out; Rand Paul asks Iowa backers to design his next TV ad, and, Is it time for Jeb to drop out?

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Is this the end of the Mitt Romney rumors?

Ann Romney said it was the "right decision" not to run again in 2016. Plus, Trump jabs at Romney’s top strategist; Fiorina fires back at Planned Parenthood president; If Carly is the anti-Hillary, then Ben Carson is the anti-Obama; Let them all debate, and, Jeb hints George W. is “conservative lite."

Who John Kasich Walks With Tells Us He’s No Conservative

Conservatives who have long had their doubts about Governor Kasich’s commitment to conservative principles, especially on the social issues, have had those concerns pretty well confirmed by his choice of noted liberal Republican ex-Congressman Tom Davis as the head of his campaign efforts in Virginia.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Planned Parenthood president calls Carly Fiorina a liar

Donald Trump’s polling lead in the early states is shrinking, but pollsters say don’t trust them to get it right this year. Plus, this week’s Rand Paul fold the tent rumor; Donald Trump doesn’t need advertising when he’s got Twitter; Planned Parenthood president calls Carly a liar, and, George W. to stump for Jeb in South Carolina?

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Ted Cruz is right – run and hide from the establishment

Ben Carson leads Donald Trump in a new poll. Plus, liberal lawyer cites Carson as a role model; Carson is saving a place in his administration for… Donald Trump; Jeb Bush puts his foot in his mouth, Rubio shrugs; Cruz and Rubio as the last men standing?, and, Run and hide from the establishment.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Ben Carson’s character and faith

Ben Carson’s faith and character lead him onward. Plus, the establishment’s earth is quaking and it’s shifting towards Rubio… and Romney?; Fiorina compares herself to legendary champion, talks tough on Russia, and, Huckabee combines Washington and American culture in new TV ad.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Jeb Bush is no longer inevitable. What’s the establishment to do?

Ann Romney says they’re still “assessing” the presidential race. Plus, Ben Carson’s mastery of the media, social and otherwise; More troubling poll numbers for Donald Trump, and, Oh no, Jeb Bush is no longer inevitable. What’s the establishment to do?

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Is Rand Paul on his way out?

Donald Trump boosts 60 Minutes’ ratings (and more on his tax plan). Plus, is the next candidate to drop out…Rand Paul?; Carly Fiorina, the anti-feminist, and, Lindsey Graham is mad at the RNC; now it’s time to get serious.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: The Donald goes all-in on taxing the rich

Donald Trump releases his tax plan, calls for higher taxes on the rich. Plus, Ted Cruz gearing up for consequential moment; Ben Carson speaks the truth, gets rewarded, and, Who’s the one Jeb fears most? It’s not The Donald.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Jeb Bush says early polls don’t matter

The RNC won’t share criteria for inclusion in next month’s debate. Plus, Values Voters choose Cruz for third year in a row; A close look at Carly Fiorina’s record reveals she needs further examination; Candidates need to be vetted; Trump lawyer provides glimpse of The Donald, and, Jeb says early polls don’t matter.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: A GOP contest like nothing we’ve seen before

Trump leads in three new polls, but has he peaked? Plus, Jindal smells a rat; Donations for Ben Carson soar after expressing his opinion on a Muslim president, and, Is the presidential race moving into uncharted waters?

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Is Marco Rubio joining the conversation?

Marco Rubio leads Jeb Bush in a new Florida poll (Trump still ahead overall in the state). Plus, if this is Marco Rubio’s moment, will he take advantage?; America’s Iron Lady?; Ben Carson’s first 100 days, and, Jeb’s finally ready to take on the family name.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Requiem for Scott Walker’s presidential campaign

Reaction continues to Scott Walker’s announcement that he’s leaving the race. Plus, Walker’s loss is Fiorina’s gain… and, did she run a conservative campaign in 2010?; Are we ultimately headed for a Cruz vs. Rubio showdown as the last men standing?, and, Trump resumes war with Fox News.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Scott Walker calls it quits

Scott Walker drops out, cites no realistic road back from polling doldrums. Plus, To be (a Muslim president) or not to be. That is the question.; People are now taking a close look at Carly Fiorina. Do they like what they see?, and, The Donald is set to release his new book the day before the next debate.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: How high will Carly Fiorina rise?

Carly moves up to second in a post-debate national poll. Plus, Fiorina hits the road after debate, tries to build a tangible campaign; Best endorsement yet: Barbara Boxer says Carly is “mean”; A ray of hope for Rand Paul?, and, Trump, Carson and the Muslims.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Are we seeing a kinder, gentler Donald?

Wednesday night’s CNN Republican debate drew nearly 23 million viewers. Plus, Fiorina won on stage and with the pundits; No more “Happy Hour” debates?; John Kasich is this year’s Jon Huntsman, and, Is this a new, kinder, gentler Donald?