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CNN Republican Presidential Debate – Carly Fiorina schools the men

A great, substantive debate on Wednesday night that won't change the dynamic in the race. Plus, in foreign policy, there are few real differences between the candidates; For a debate hosted by liberals, subject-matter was fair game; Trump’s biggest selling point: Trust me. Carson’s biggest argument: intellect prevails; Jeb showed more energy, but he’s the same old Bush, and, Conclusion – Not much change, even as Fiorina stands out.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Preview of tonight’s CNN GOP presidential debate

Another poll shows Trump and Carson way out in front -- how will they react in tonight's debate? Plus, Even Floridians aren’t wild about Jeb!; Because of Trump, people demand more; The latest Romney to the rescue story, and, Obama won’t be tuning in to the debate.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Donald Trump leads in polls but still takes a Thump-o

New national poll shows Trump and Carson widening their lead. Plus, Trump changes the rules mid-game… Romney to the establishment’s rescue?; Why Ben Carson apologized to Donald Trump; Walker retreats to familiar ground – busting unions, and, “El Trumpo Takes a Thumpo.”

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Fiorina deflects Trump’s “face” punch

Rick Perry the first to quit. Plus, Trump brands Carson with the “low energy” charge; Fiorina deflects Trump’s “face” punch; Weathervane Scott Walker still shifting with the wind; Kasich sides with cowardly GOP leadership on Planned Parenthood, and, Is Huckabee the most known, liked and trusted candidate?

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Glimpsing the darker side of Huck

New CNN poll confirms big lead for Trump and Carson. Plus, You knew it was coming -- Trump counter-punches Carson; Trump downplays his jab at Fiorina’s “face”; Carson goes on vacation, rises in the polls; Glimpsing the darker side of Huck, and, Cruz fights alone to defund Planned Parenthood.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Jeb! does late night TV, isn’t funny

The Donald issues a challenge to CNN. Plus, Huck-ster denies Cruz a share of the limelight in Kentucky; Is Ted Cruz trying to poach Trump supporters?; Ben Carson answers Trump on immigration, creating jobs, and, Jeb! does late night TV, isn’t funny.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Is Ben Carson being ignored by pollsters?

Who's "in" and who's "out" in the 2016 GOP presidential race. Plus, Fiorina tells Trump to fight Hillary; Donald Trump and the Twitter presidency; Is Ben Carson being ignored by pollsters?, and, The summer of Trump completely reworked the campaign.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Game on, GOP candidates

Donald Trump now tops Democrats in head-to-head matches. Plus, Has Mike Huckabee finally found his break?; Does The Donald need to cut into Carson?; Fiorina hammers Hillary, sticks to her message; Cruz takes on local issue to make a larger point, and, The only thing “inevitable” about Jeb is a painful loss.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Ted Cruz schools leftists on climate change

Carly beats CNN, but the media heat will now be on her. Plus, Donald Trump receives a lot of free media and accepts an invitation to a Mexican restaurant; Santorum revives 99-county Iowa strategy, and, Ted Cruz foils leftists’ plot to trap him.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Lindsey Graham battles Trump, Graham loses

Republican establishment donors clamor for Mitt. Plus, Who really supports Jeb Bush anyway?; Ben Carson’s more than just a nice guy; How Ted Cruz responded to John Boehner’s ‘jacka**’ comment; Lindsey Graham battles Trump, Graham loses, and, CNN caves, Carly likely wins.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Will Carly Fiorina play with the varsity in the next debate?

A new Iowa poll shows Trump and Carson tied. Plus, yes, Fiorina is in third place in Iowa… but will she be in the next debate?; Scott Walker’s losing where he theoretically should be gaining; Donald Trump ‘emasculates’ Jeb Bush while setting the GOP agenda, and, planning the coming “Trump Takedown."

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Is Jeb Bush’s campaign on the rocks?

A new Iowa poll shows Donald Trump and Ben Carson virtually tied. Plus, Ben Carson’s style versus content; Trump keeps the media focus on number one; Huckabee flips on birthright citizenship, and, Say it ain’t so – is Jeb Bush’s campaign in trouble?

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Donald Trump likes what you see

New poll not all good news for Trump. Plus, what Trump knows that you don’t; Ted Cruz – principled or merely a shrewd politician?; Rand Paul’s starting to sound more libertarian; Carly complained, CNN said no, and, Quinnipiac poll shows depth of Bush dynasty problem.

Has Glenn Beck Lost It... Again?

Glenn Beck says he would never vote for Donald Trump and that he's a constitutionalist, not a Republican. Beck normally has a good ear for what's going on in the conservative grassroots, but his near-endorsement of establishment spare prince Marco Rubio over country class message carrier Donald Trump shows a strange disconnect from the millions of constitutional conservatives who would run, not walk, from the Republican Party if a candidate like Rubio, Jeb Bush or John Kasich becomes the GOP’s 2016 presidential nominee.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: “Nothing Disqualifies Trump”

Focus group of Trump supporters reveals why he's leading. Plus, the Trump/Fox News truce is over – now it’s war; Ben Carson takes on #BlackLivesMatter; Rand Paul: Real conservatives stand for private property, and, Jeb Bush wants free college, just like Obama!

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Ready for a Romney October surprise?

Is Mitt Romney about to join the 2016 field? Plus, Walker the weathervane swaying with the political winds; “President” Trump’s first 100 days; The New York Times tries to start a Trump/Cruz war, fails, and, don’t call Fiorina a member of the professional political class.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: How low will Jeb Bush go to get the nomination?

Donald Trump’s lead appears to be growing according to another new poll. Plus, does Carly Fiorina have a point about CNN’s debate criteria?; is Ben Carson a tame version of Donald Trump?; Politico compares enforcing immigration laws to segregation; with all attention on Trump, Cruz rises, and, Jeb Bush and the Photoshop fail.

John Kasich; I’m fine with abortion; it is the law of the land

streiff, RedState

Kasich wants you to think he’s pro-life but he only does the easy pro-life things. When it comes time to actually take a stand on the subject he waffles.