John Roberts

John Roberts proves he's nothing more than an empty robe

Editors, Washington Examiner

Roberts noted in his decision that the doctrine of “stare decisis” — literally Latin for “to stand by things decided” — is intended to give litigants and others certainty about how the law is interpreted. Without it, one could imagine a legal environment in which judges become so arbitrary that it is impossible to comply with the law. But equally dangerous is a legal environment in which flat-out bad decisions are simply allowed to stand, no matter what, just because they were decided the wrong way first. Roberts, sadly, has left his nation in a state of blind obedience to just such a bad ruling.

Is John Roberts Up To a Senate Impeachment Trial?

David Catron, The American Spectator

Roberts will face pressure unlike anything he has experienced on the court. It’s unlikely that the chief justice will recuse himself, but perhaps he should. The Democrats will pass an impeachment resolution, but their articles of impeachment will inevitably fail to warrant the removal of a president less than a year away from the next election. If the Schiff hearings are any guide, they will probably include such nebulous charges as abuse of power and corruption. If that is the case, the president’s attorneys will certainly request the chief justice to dismiss the charges as unconstitutional. Does John Roberts have the guts to do so and face ostracism by the political class? If not, it means he just isn’t up to the job.

Kasich Spits on the Second Amendment

The Heller and McDonald cases which finally codified the Second Amendment as in individual right were passed on a knife edge, and that knife is about to turn around and slash in the other direction if either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton – or John Kasich – are allowed to fill not only this seat on the court but the likely three or four to follow.

12+ States To Cancel Healthcare Policies Due to OCare

Jim Angle, Fox News

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are about to lose their health insurance thanks to Obama and John Roberts. And because federal law requires a 60-day notice of any plan changes, voters will be notified no later than 11/1, right before the 11/4 midterms.

SCOTUS: No OCare Emergency Stay for Assocs.

Associated Press Staff

Chief Justice John Roberts refused an emergency stay request to block implementation of Obamacare from the Association of American Physicians & Surgeons, Inc. and the Alliance for Natural Health USA.