Justice Department

Traditional Marriage Group Blasts New Same-Sex Rights

Ben Goad, The Hill

"This is just the latest in a series of moves by the Obama administration, and in particular the Dept. of Justice, to undermine the authority and sovereignty of the states to make their own determinations regulating the institution of marriage,” the Nat'l Org. for Marriage's Brian Brown said.

DOJ Extends Rights to Same-Sex Couples

Megan R. Wilson and Mike Lillis, The Hill

The Justice Dept. will allow same-sex couples to be able to file jointly for bankruptcy and will mandate that they will not be compelled to testify against each other in trial, among other new rights, despite not really having the authority to do so.

Why Is Obama Intervening in IRS Investigation?

Neil Munro, Daily Caller

White House spokesman Jay Carney waved off concerns over Obama’s public interference in the FBI investigation of the IRS. “Obviously we do not interfere with Justice Department investigations,” Carney said.

Amnesty, but Not for Conservative D’Souza

Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review Online

For Obama’s Justice Department, campaign-finance law is a partisan club. 

Anti-Obama Filmmaker D'Souza Indicted by DOJ

J. Christian Adams, PJ Media

Dinesh D’Souza, fierce critic of Obama, author, and filmmaker has been indicted by the DOJ. Either D'Souza made an error, or he was selectively prosecuted because he is an Obama opponent. This is a small fry violation that hundreds of Dems. engage in, and no one ever looks at.

Repubs. Blast Decision Not to Pursue Criminal Charges in IRS Scandal

Newsmax Wires

Darrell Issa blasted what he called a questionable criminal investigation into the targeting of Tea Party groups by the IRS, saying that anonymous leaks had harmed the inquiry. Issa criticized the DOJ after a media report that fed. authorities didn’t plan to pursue criminal charges in the case.

Obama Donor Leading Investigation of IRS's TeaParty Targeting

Napp Nazworth, Christian Post

A DOJ official who donated to Obama has been appointed to lead the investigation into the IRS's targeting of conservative groups. Two Repub. Congressmen asked that she be removed. The DOJ said that it cannot take political affiliation into account in hiring decisions.

Issa: Holder Illegally Targeting Online Lending

Brendan Bordelon, Daily Caller

Darrell Issa launched a probe Thurs. into Eric Holder’s crusade against online payday lenders and payment processors. Issa suggested the DOJ is illegally targeting legitimate biz under the guise of fraud protection.

DOJ Race Policies In Schools Will Hurt Future Generations

J. Christian Adams, PJ Media

Those first learning about the radical racialist school discipline policies at DOJ should be more concerned about how they will be undone, rather than that they exist.

Obama’s "Operation Choke Point" Plan To Create More Federal Dependency

Obama’s Operation Choke Point isn’t about consumer fairness or protection; it is about creating more dependent clients for the government who, without access to credit, will no longer have the option of solving their own problems and meeting their financial needs in the private economy.

DOJ Rejects Nuns' Argument on Contraception Mandate

Benjamin Goad, The Hill

The Obama admin. offered a vigorous defense of Obamacare's "birth control mandate," disputing as unfounded the religious challenge that led a SCOTUS justice to partially block the provision.

Judge: NSA Phone Program Unconstitutional

Josh Gerstein, Politico

A federal judge ruled that the NSA program that collects all US phone calls appears to violate the 4th Amendment ban on unreasonable searches and seizures. He said the DOJ failed to demonstrate that collecting the info. had helped to head off terrorist attacks.

DOJ Contradicts O on Obamacare

Right Scoop Staff

While Obama told people last week that those losing their health insurance were only a very small portion of the population, the DOJ was in court arguing that most employee plans would lose their grandfather status as well by 2013's end. Which means, most employees will lose their current plans as well.

Gov Leakers to Get A Firing Squad?

Kellan Howell, Washington Times

The Justice Department finds itself on the defensive after a training manual surfaced suggesting federal agents could face a firing squad for leaking government secrets.

Justice to Sue NC on Voter ID

Josh Gerstein, Politico

The DOJ will file suit against N. Carolina, charging that the state’s new law requiring voters to show photo ID at the polls violates the Voting Rights Act by discriminating against blacks.

Congressional Republicans Need to Understand the Politics of Privacy

It’s time to ask tough questions about the National Security Agency’s surveillance activities. The problem is that too many Republican members of Congress, who should have the constitutional rights and liberty of their fellow Americans upper most in their minds, have become complicit in the advancement of the surveillance state.

DOJ Twists Law to Punish Opponents

Ginni Thomas, Daily Caller

J. Christian Adams, a lawyer and DOJ whistleblower who worked under Holder, is revealing that the DOJ is using the law as a way to reward lefties and punish opponents.

Rand Agrees W/ DOJ on Drug Cases

Jason Pye, UnitedLiberty.org

Rand Paul joined Richard Viguerie in praising Holder's call for an end to mandatory minimum sentences for drug charges. 

DOJ: End Mandatory Min. for Drug Cases

Los Angeles Times Staff

Fed. prosecutors will no longer seek long, "mandatory minimum" sentences for low-level, nonviolent drug offenders, under a major shift in policy.

DOJ's Attack on Voter ID Laws

Roger Clegg & Hans A. von Spakovsky, National Review

The DOJ takes aim at voter-ID laws, but it must prove the existence of discrimination in voting.