KGB's Old Headquarters of Lubyanka Glowers at New Russia, Much Like the Old

Despite the frenzied push in Washington for economic sanctions and military threats, the success of Putinism is well beyond America’s control.  The U.S. certainly should not promote military confrontation with nuclear-armed Moscow over an issue of limited importance to Washington.

Give Us Your Huddles Masses, Gangsters, and Russian Spies

James Longstreet, American Thinker

It's not just Latino illegals we need to worry about. America's lax immigration system has allowed gangsters and former KGB spies into our country. Much of the hacking and credit card fraud of late has been tracked back to eastern European driven activities. 

PUTIN & OBAMA ARE WRONG: Here’s What We Mean by “American Exceptionalism”

America is exceptional because we have the Constitution — which is still supposed to be the supreme law of the land. We just need to get our government back to following the Constitution to become exceptional again.