When the Left Talks About Packing the Courts, It Wants Political Judges Like in Kansas

Doug Bandow, The American Spectator

Here, in America’s heartland, left-liberals have triumphed, giving a preview of what the court-packing they desire by the next Democratic president would mean. Judges voting as legislators, interpreting the law as they wish it to be. New left-wing rights magically enshrined, traditional human rights ruthlessly dismissed. The Left long ago captured the legal academy and professional infrastructure. Since the 1960s it has dominated the commanding heights of the judiciary. That balance has started to shift, but the battle will be a long one. Hodes & Nauser reminds us what is at stake.

Islamophobia: McCarthy’s Kansas Case Study Shows It’s Not The Real Problem

Our friend Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review columnist and prosecutor in the first Islamist attack on New York’s World Trade Center posted an interesting and revealing column about how the establishment media continually gets its coverage of Islam and Islamism wrong, even to the point of defending those who call for the violent overthrow of the United States government and the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people.

These 5 R's Ran On Conservative Tax Policies & Won

Rachel Stoltzfoos, Daily Caller

The victories of Sam Brownback (KS), Larry Hogan (MD), Charlie Baker (MA), Bruce Rauner (IL), and Rick Snyder (MI) will certainly encourage politicians considering conservative tax policies at the state and national levels.

5 Most Conservative States

Peter Sullivan, The Hill

The Hill ranked all 50 states on a red to blue scale. Alabama, Alaska, Idaho, Kansas, & Mississippi topped the list of reddest states.

GOP’s National Prospects Include the Good, Bad and Ugly

Jay Cost, Weekly Standard

If Republicans do well in the House next month, that will go a long way toward preventing a liberal governing majority until at least 2019. As for the Senate, the GOP’s prospects include the good, the bad, and the ugly.

KS Gov. Signs Bill Nixing Local Gun Control Laws

John Hanna, Associated Press

Kansas will strip cities and counties of their power to regulate guns and nullify local gun regulations in July, ensuring it will be legal across the state to openly carry firearms. The bill prevents local gov'ts from restricting the sale of guns and ammunition or regulating how guns are transported and stored.