Karl Rove

Estab. GOP, RINOs Want McAuliffe Win

Mark Levin, Facebook

Many in the GOP estab., from fundraisers and consultants, to GOP officeholders, have either trashed Cuccinnelli or endorsed McAuliffe outright. The GOP national machine has done little for Cuccinnelli. Karl Rove, offers no support for Cuccinnelli, while he schemes and whispers behind the scenes against conservatives nationwide. 

Big Business Wants A Divided GOP – You Can Stop Them

Big Business keeps the Republican establishment alive with its tons of money, even though everyone can see that what’s happening in Washington – the spending and the growth of government – is unsustainable. The limited government conservative grassroots must take a stand against it.

Delaying ObamaCare for One Year is a Strategic Blunder

If a frog is placed in boiling water, it will jump out. But if the dim-witted frog is placed in tepid water that is heated slowly, it won’t perceive anything is wrong. It will just sit there until cooked to death. ObamaCare all at once is the boiling water. Delaying ObamaCare for a year turns the temperature down just enough so the frog won't notice until it is too late.

Viguerie: More Cruzes, No Roves

Ginni Thomas, Daily Caller

“I say to Karl Rove: We’ve done it his way. The only real big victories that conservatives have had, and there have been four of them in the last fifty years, all of them have been conservative victories,” said CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie.

Shame On You, O'Reilly

MP, MofoPolitics.com

Bill O'Reilly tried to condescend to Tea Party Express's Amy Kremer over her support for defunding Obamacare by bringing up the stale opinions of failed GOP consultants Karl Rove and Brad Blakeman.

Rove is WRONG About Tea Party

Jen Kuznicki, JenKuznicki.com

In his WSJ op-ed, Rove misconstrues or perhaps projects the thought that Americans will accept that which they do not want, just because he fears media headlines against the Republican Party.

Rove Plays the Fool on OCare

Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal

Short-sighted, old-GOP wimp Karl Rove seems to think that his "defund Obamacare strategy has no endgame" bloviating will fool us. Wipe the stale establishmentarian off your glasses, Karl. We see it clearly.

Townhall Dropped the Ball

There’s an unspoken assumption in the Townhall article that if you are a Republican elected official on Capitol Hill or in a State House you are “on the Right” – you are a conservative – and that just plain isn’t true.

Trump Agrees with Viguerie: Christie Choice a Disaster

Donald Trump knows a thing or two about winning, and apparently he agrees with Richard Viguerie: Stuart Stevens and the Romney campaign team did a horrible job for Romney and will be a disaster for Chris Christie.

Rove, Lee Bout Over OCare

Lisa Barron, Newsmax

Karl Rove and Mike Lee debated Obamacare and calls from within the GOP to defund it or shut down the government. Rove says the D's aren't afriad of a shutdown.

Tea Party PACs Clean Rove’s Clock

Let’s hope these results indicate Rove’s “Svengali-like power” over donors was broken by his catastrophic failures in 2012, and that donors are now demanding to know what the candidates stand for before they contribute. Once Rove’s donors start doing that, we are confident they will invest in principled conservatives like Sam Brownback, Mike Pence, Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, rather than the content-free vessels into which Rove pours “me-too” establishment Republicanism.

Cruz vs. Rove on Obamacare?

Tony Lee, Breitbart

Rove thinks defunding OCare is loss. Cruz wants to debate him. You can't win a battle you've begun to surrender.

Thank You Rush

Until the Republican Party at the national level rediscovers its principles, or better yet limited government constitutional conservatives takeover, nationally the Republican Party will remain what Rush Limbaugh so insightfully pointed out it has become – a second Party of pushback against conservatives – and that’s a dead brand if there ever was one.

Rand Paul: The Anti-Karl Rove

Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic

Rove doesn’t think Paul can lead the GOP because he can’t solve working class voters’ concerns.

Even Squishy Repub. Donors Hesitant

Matea Gold, Washington Post

MSM wants you to think conservatives give to Rove groups. They don’t. Squishes are withholding too.

Colonization of 21st Century America

Timothy Birdnow, American Thinker

The elites are importing an alien people to reduce the stubbornness and independence of Americans.

The Neo-Statist Establishment Lies

Jeff Poor, Daily Caller

Mark Levin named names (Rove, Bush, Ryan, Rubio) in railing against support for amnesty.

The Neo-Statist Establishment Lies

Jeff Poor, Daily Caller

Mark Levin named names (Karl Rove, Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan, etc.) in railing against support for amnesty.

Rove Supports NSA Surveillance

Tal Kopan, Politico

Government snooping is essential in the War on Terror, says Karl Rove. Yes, trust the government.