Keep Your Plan Act

RINO Demands Rush Check W/ Him 1st

America's Conservative News Staff

Remember when RINO Congressman Fred Upton tried to mandate to all Americans what light-bulbs we must use? This same RINO proposed a "fix" to OCare designed to save Obama's bacon and now he's cautioning Rush Limbaugh to check with him before saying anything critical about his statist efforts.

O’s 'Administrative Fix' Worsens Probs.

Leon H. Wolf, Red State

Firstly, Obama's executive order is likelly illegal. A bigger issue: dumping a large amount of policies into the pool at this late of a date that the actuaries haven’t accounted for may well destabilize the insurance marketplace.

Levin: 'Keep Your Plan' Is BAD

RIght Scoop Staff

Levin argues that the "Keep Your Plan Act" would force insurance companies into selling policies to the American people and that there is no constitutional authority for Congress to exercise such power. Thus, it would be unconstitutional for Congress to force insurance companies, or rather any business to sell to people.

R's Own OCare Probs. If 'Keep Your Plan' Act Passes

Allahpundit, Hot Air

The vote on “Keep Your Plan Act” is Fred Upton’s (R-MI) bill is set for Friday, which means the White House has 48 hours to come up with its own proposal for letting people keep their plans before Dems head for the lifeboats. But if R's pass the KYP Act, a fix to Obamacare, they'll own it.