Libertarian Candidates

Democrats Fund Libertarian Spoilers

David Catron, The American Spectator

The outcomes of many close congressional contests will be decided by the number of ballots cast for Libertarian candidates who couldn’t win with the aid of divine intervention. And Democrats running in “red state” races are clearly counting on these unelectable candidates to divert enough votes from Republicans to allow them to eke out slim victories. To this end, they and their supporters are running covert campaign ads and sending dark money mailers on behalf of their Libertarian “opponents.” Among the Democratic beneficiaries of this strategy are Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly, Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill, and Montana Senator Jon Tester.

Senate Spoilers: 6 States to Watch for 3rd-Party Candidates

Cameron Joseph, The Hill

As both Dems & Repubs. calculate their odds of a Senate majority, several 3rd party candidates are complicating their math. Popular dissatisfaction with both parties, and bitter campaigns, have helped boost 3rd-party candidates in a number of states into the high single digits.