Lou Barletta

The Willy Horton Moment In The Pennsylvania Senate Race

Our suggestion is that Congressman Barletta take Mayor Kenny and Senator Casey's support for "sanctuary" cities as the “Willy Horton moment” in the campaign and pound Senator Casey and other Democrats for their support of sanctuary cities and the rapes, murders, drugs and other disastrous effects they have on the citizens who must suffer under their misrule.

GOP Rep: Likely Enough House Votes to Impeach Obama

Francesca Chambers, Daily Mail

'[Obama's] ignoring the Constitution, and ignoring the checks and balances,' said GOP Rep. Lou Barletta. After the DNC attacked him, his staff revised his comments and said that Barletta thinks taking an impeachment vote would be harmful.

No Border Security, No Amnesty

Rep. Lou Barletta, Washington Times

Barletta asks his fellow Reps, why pass an amnesty bill that doesn't protect national security and American jobs?