Cult Of Death Sweeps New England

We urge CHQ readers and friends to battle the growing state sanctioned cult of death that just swept through New England. In particular we urge you to stand against assisted suicide proposals like the one that just became law in Maine and radical “abortion to the moment of birth” proposals like the one that just became law in New Hampshire, as similar bills are now being brought before state legislatures across the country.

No More Free Lunch

Since 2015 federal welfare spending has outpaced defense spending. President Trump’s workfare proposal demonstrates that he is busy doing what is important for Americans. Congress should join him.

Despite Its Controversial Republican Governor, Maine Is Beginning To Trend Trump

Stewart Lawrence, Daily Caller

Maine, especially the northern part of the state, has gone conservative in a big way since 2011, when LePage took office.  He hasn’t always been popular but the state is clearly trending away from the Democrats and could end up in the GOP win column in November.

How Ted Cruz Secured Another Delegate Victory in Maine

Alana Abramson, ABC News

Cruz's sweep of the Maine delegation once again showcases his campaign's organizational prowess and understanding of the complex delegate process that some are arguing is eluding the Trump campaign.

Endangered Governors List: GOP Edition

Brandon Finnigan, The Federalist

While the Senate looks to be breaking in one direction, gubernatorial mansions across the country appear poised to swap parties. Republicans have a batch of vulnerable governors, but none are as embattled as those in Pennsylvania, Maine, and Florida.