Marco Rubio for President

Time For Rubio’s Reckoning

Ben Domenech, The Federalist

Some supporters of Rubio are already engaging in recriminations over the reason for his failure to launch. But it seems rather obvious: he is not the candidate suited for the moment, with a message for the times and a campaign operation up to the challenge. And then there was the drag of his leading role in the Gang of Eight amnesty for illegal aliens bill.

Families victimized by illegals say Marco betrayed them, urge 'Reject Rubio'

Paul Bedard, The Washington Examiner

The families of 30 Americans raped, tortured and murdered by alleged illegal immigrants are urging Republican voters ahead of Super Tuesday to reject Sen. Marco Rubio, charging that the son of Cuban immigrants has not done enough to protect the country from undocumented criminals.

It’s Already Over for Rubio

Philip Diehl, The American Conservative

Recent polls are available in eight of the 12 states that elect delegates bound to candidates tomorrow. In the states that seem best suited for Rubio and Kasich, mid-February polls find Trump holding big leads over Rubio—26 points in Massachusetts and 15 points in Vermont. In more bad news for Rubio, Kasich is close enough to beat him in both states.

The Conservative Case Against Marco Rubio

John Hawkins, Townhall

Rubio’s sell-out on immigration was the biggest betrayal of conservatives since George Bush’s dad said, “Read my lips, no new taxes” and then raised taxes. How do you trust Rubio on any issue after he so blatantly lied on immigration? Rubio running for President today is like Benedict Arnold running for President in 1788.

Rubio Fetch and Carry

Noah Millman, The American Conservative

Here’s the thing: there is no anti-Trump vote to be consolidated. There’s an anti-establishment vote that Trump has consolidated. That vote is not a majority – but the remainder is not so unified in its loathing of Trump that Rubio would magically win a majority if other candidates would just step aside and let him win. 

Voters Don’t Love Rubio the Way Elites Do

Daniel McCarthy, The American Conservative

Conventional wisdom now has it that Rubio will vault ahead by soaking up Bush’s support. But wait a minute: what support? If Rubio had received every vote that went to Bush in South Carolina, Trump would still have won. And Bush’s support in South Carolina, where he spent millions and flew in his brother to stump for him, was greatly inflated relative to his support just about anywhere else. 

GOP debate: Rubio chokes

Shane Goldmacher, Politico

Marco Rubio knew exactly what he was doing on Saturday night. The problem was he flubbed it. The Florida senator went into Saturday night’s GOP debate with momentum. He ended it as a viral glitch sensation.

Pop Goes the Marco Bubble

Scott McConnell, The American Conservative

It wasn’t simply that Marco Rubio's answers during the debate were bad. It is that they were bad in a way that emphasizes Rubio’s organic weaknesses, that he lacks the credentials or leadership gravitas and experience that people associate with the presidency. 

Insiders: Marco Rubio crashed and burned

Steven Shepard, Politico

POLITICO political expert panel members panned the Florida senator's canned debate responses. 'Cringeworthy,' said one New Hampshire Republican.

Rubio Endorsement Brings Gowdy’s Radical History on Immigration Into Spotlight

Julia Hahn, Breitbart

South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy's endorsement of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) may shine an unwanted spotlight on the South Carolinian’s record of past radical statements on immigration and his aggressive support for donor class policies embraced by Sen. Rubio.

Rubio emerges as establishment’s darling

S.A. Miller, The Washington Times

Sen. Marco Rubio rode into Washington as a tea party champion from Florida, but four years later, he has become a top pick for the Republican establishment in the presidential race, and he isn’t exactly running away from the establishment label.

Cruz ups war of words with Rubio

Jonathan Easley, The Hill

Sen. Ted Cruz on Tuesday night politely complimented GOP presidential rival Sen. Marco Rubio as a “charming” communicator, and then he laid into him as wrong on national security, weak on immigration and a shill for corporate lobbyists.

Cruz Fought Amnesty, Rubio Fought Conservatives

Daniel Horowitz, Conservative Review

Instead of working with conservatives, Rubio and his office coordinated attacks on conservatives together with liberals.  Even after all of his promises were exposed as pure fabrications, he still went on to star in ads for Mark Zuckerberg touting his bill as something it was not.

Cruz and Paul are Right: Rubio Has Always Been Amnesty’s Leading Advocate

Marco Rubio must be crazy if he thinks conservatives won’t remember his role in crafting and ramming through the hated “Gang of Eight” amnesty for illegal aliens bill. Although Rubio is once again engaged in his signature “say one thing do another” move on amnesty and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, this time Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul aren’t letting him get away with it.

Marco Rubio to Jorge Ramos: I Will Not Cancel Obama’s Executive Amnesty

Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit

Rubio is pledging to carry Obama’s policy: leaving the executive amnesty for DREAMers in place until Congress submits to the order by legislatively ratifying amnesty. After a legislatively ratified DREAM Act, illegal aliens would be able to vote in U.S. elections and bring their relatives to work and collect entitlements in the United States.

Marco Rubio’s Slimy Pals Slither Back

Tim Mak, The Daily Beast

The cloud of impropriety that hangs around Rivera and Arza should be noxious to a rising campaign with its eye on the White House. But both Arza and Rivera were spotted among other Rubio supporters as recently as the Republican presidential debates in Cleveland in August.


Austin Ruse, Breitbart

The endorsement of Sen. Marco Rubio by pro-same-sex marriage hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer just might turn social conservatives away from Rubio and toward someone like Sen. Ted Cruz. This might be good for Rubio’s bank account but could be nettlesome for him in the run up to a primary season dominated in part by social conservatives.

Marco Rubio may be the default candidate for big business

Ben Geier, Fortune

Rubio’s financial missteps could be a big weakness in a battle with Hillary Clinton—not because of the issues themselves, but because one of the biggest attack lines the Republicans have against Clinton is her questionable financial dealings, especially those related to the Clinton Foundation.

Rising Rubio Hits Back, Calls Trump "Insecure"

Caitlin Huey-Burns, RCP

Rubio has tried to stay out of Trump’s way, opting instead to focus on fundraising and campaign activity and hoping to stay under the radar while his rivals duke it out. Now that he is on Trump’s hit list, Rubio figures he can’t just stand idly by any longer. On Thursday, during an interview with Kentucky Sports Radio, Rubio called Trump “a touchy and insecure guy.”

Marco Rubio's Debate Challenge

Sahil Kapur, Bloomberg

When Marco Rubio takes the debate stage alongside nine fellow Republican presidential contenders Thursday in Cleveland, he'll be trying to recapture his mojo. The 44-year-old Floridian was initially hailed by some as his party's version of Barack Obama, a trailblazing freshman senator who came out of nowhere to capture his party's presidential nomination eight years ago. Instead Rubio finds his poll numbers slipping into the middle of a crowded pack of Republican contenders.