Marco Rubio is not a conservative

Marco Rubio Is a Lazy, Devious Little Twerp

Ben Mathis-Lilley, Slate

A number of Marco Rubio's past allies went on the record to tell the Tampa Bay Times exactly how little they like lil' Marco and how bad he is at actually doing the jobs he's chosen for. In other words, all the people he stepped on on the way up are ready to kick him in the groin on his way down.

Rubio in Twilight at Florida Appearances

Caitlin Huey-Burns, Real Clear Politics

Rubio crisscrossed his home state over the weekend in a final effort to deny Trump victory in Florida--which will award Tuesday's winner all of its 99 delegates--with the fervor and animation of his earlier days. But he was also publically grieving, and almost tormented by what has come to pass.

Cruz and Trump Rout Rubio in Miami GOP Debate

Last night’s debate was probably Marco Rubio’s last stand and it showed once again that the reason Rubio is losing is not a lack of political skill or charm on his part – it is that his policies on immigration, amnesty for illegal aliens and support for the failed Obama-Clinton disasters in the Middle East are far out of synch with the views of the limited government constitutional conservative grassroots of the Republican Party.

Rubio's Survival Is on the Line in Tonight's Debate

Rebecca Berg, Real Clear Politics

When the Republican field meets to debate Thursday in the tony enclave of Coral Gables, the Florida senator will trail Donald Trump by roughly 17 points in the RealClearPolitics polling average, still reeling from a punishing round of primaries Tuesday in which he won no delegates.

Time For Rubio’s Reckoning

Ben Domenech, The Federalist

Some supporters of Rubio are already engaging in recriminations over the reason for his failure to launch. But it seems rather obvious: he is not the candidate suited for the moment, with a message for the times and a campaign operation up to the challenge. And then there was the drag of his leading role in the Gang of Eight amnesty for illegal aliens bill.

Rubio Meltdown Has Supporters Looking At Cruz

Ed O'Keefe, Robert Costa and Paul Kane, The Washington Post

One prominent Rubio supporter, who is an elected official and spoke on the condition of anonymity to comment candidly, said Sunday that he now doubts that Rubio can win and is privately preparing to support Cruz should the race narrow.

Knock knock, Marco. It’s a wolf named Trump

Matt Bai, Yahoo Politics

Once upon a time, in a little town called Establishment Creek where prosperity trickled down through a burbling stream, there lived three little pigs. Their names were Jeb, Chris and Marco. One day a wolf came up their windy trail, followed by a very angry mob and a horde of TV cameras.

A Big Night for Cruz

Jeffrey H. Anderson, The Weekly Standard

In winning Texas by 16 points and winning Oklahoma and Alaska, and finishing second in Alabama, Arkansas, Minnesota, and Tennessee, Ted Cruz has now solidified his grip on second place in the ‎GOP presidential race. He increased his lead over Marco Rubio in states won, votes won, and delegates won—and unless Rubio can win in Florida in two weeks (or John Kasich can win in Ohio), Cruz may soon be battling Donald Trump one-on-one (more or less) for the Republican nomination. But how can Cruz beat Trump?

No More “Moments” for Rubio

Daniel Larison, The American Conservative

If he were any other candidate, Rubio would be considered a failed also-ran and would be pushed to exit the race sooner rather than later. The fact that there is no pressure on Rubio to drop out is a reminder of one of the ongoing problems with his candidacy: he has extraordinary support from party leaders and donors, but he has relatively little support among voters. He can come in third almost everywhere, and he can still expect to be feted as a conquering hero by his admirers. Most voters don’t care, and will continue to choose other candidates.

Trump, Cruz, and Rubio Appeal to Different Segments of Self-Described Evangelicals

Michael Patrick Leahy, Breitbart

The three leading contenders for the GOP nomination–Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Marco Rubio all appeal to different segments of self-described evangelicals, a key group whose voting behavior will have a significant impact on the outcome of the Super Tuesday “SEC Primary” results.

Families victimized by illegals say Marco betrayed them, urge 'Reject Rubio'

Paul Bedard, The Washington Examiner

The families of 30 Americans raped, tortured and murdered by alleged illegal immigrants are urging Republican voters ahead of Super Tuesday to reject Sen. Marco Rubio, charging that the son of Cuban immigrants has not done enough to protect the country from undocumented criminals.

It’s Already Over for Rubio

Philip Diehl, The American Conservative

Recent polls are available in eight of the 12 states that elect delegates bound to candidates tomorrow. In the states that seem best suited for Rubio and Kasich, mid-February polls find Trump holding big leads over Rubio—26 points in Massachusetts and 15 points in Vermont. In more bad news for Rubio, Kasich is close enough to beat him in both states.

Cruz Makes THE Winning Argument Against Trump And Rubio

Senator Cruz is right that Donald Trump can’t prosecute the case against Hillary Clinton because he long-supported the same leftwing policies that she and Barack Obama have advocated and advanced; single-payer health care, funding for Planned Parenthood, Wall Street bailouts and government picking winners and losers in the economy. And the same goes for Marco Rubio.

FLASH: Cruz Conservatives Hit Media-Rubio Lies

“Tony Perkins had it right; these are nothing but lies from the Rubio camp. Ted Cruz is the only candidate for President that, if elected, I trust to govern according to limited government constitutional conservative principles. There is nothing in Marco Rubio’s record of supporting amnesty for illegal aliens, opening our borders and supporting the Obama-Clinton disasters in the Middle East that would lead me to change that view.” Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman,

Establishment seeks U.S.S. Marco Rubio to save it from Donald Trump

Charles Hurt, The Washington Times

Now that Donald Trump's punching bag Jeb! Bush is gone and the establishment is all clamoring on the only floating life raft left, the U.S.S. Marco Rubio. But it is tiny craft and it is always taking on water. 

The Conservative Case Against Marco Rubio

John Hawkins, Townhall

Rubio’s sell-out on immigration was the biggest betrayal of conservatives since George Bush’s dad said, “Read my lips, no new taxes” and then raised taxes. How do you trust Rubio on any issue after he so blatantly lied on immigration? Rubio running for President today is like Benedict Arnold running for President in 1788.

Rubio Fetch and Carry

Noah Millman, The American Conservative

Here’s the thing: there is no anti-Trump vote to be consolidated. There’s an anti-establishment vote that Trump has consolidated. That vote is not a majority – but the remainder is not so unified in its loathing of Trump that Rubio would magically win a majority if other candidates would just step aside and let him win. 

Voters Don’t Love Rubio the Way Elites Do

Daniel McCarthy, The American Conservative

Conventional wisdom now has it that Rubio will vault ahead by soaking up Bush’s support. But wait a minute: what support? If Rubio had received every vote that went to Bush in South Carolina, Trump would still have won. And Bush’s support in South Carolina, where he spent millions and flew in his brother to stump for him, was greatly inflated relative to his support just about anywhere else. 

Rubio = Romney 2.0

Mike Zapler and Anna Palmer, Politico

Strip away Rubio’s rags-to-presidential contender biography, and his candidacy has more than a little in common with Romney’s — from policy platforms that are largely in sync to a brain trust that boasts a number of the same key figures. When it comes to the substance of what he’d try to do in the job, Rubio is not promising a sharp break from the establishment.

Ann Coulter Tweets Rubio Is Running ‘Anti-White’ Campaign

William Bigelow, Breitbart

The day before the South Carolina primary, Ann Coulter responded fiercely to answers Sen. Marco Rubio gave about racism when questioned at a CNN townhall only days before. Coulter accused Rubio of running an “anti-white campaign.”