Martha MacCallum

Michael Knowles And The Crumbling Conservatism Of Fox News

Michael Knowles is unlikely to be invited back on FOX News any time soon, but Knowles was right about Greta Thunberg and the millions of children who have been rendered mentally ill by the Left’s effort to induce mass hysteria over “climate change.” Shame on FOX for caving to the Leftwing mob.

Who Are These “Violent Extremists” Obama Keeps Talking About?

The jihadi killings in Copenhagan and Libya last weekend are helping to wake up Americans to the Democrats’ hypocrisy on the threat radical Islam and Sharia pose to the liberties enshrined in our Constitution. As that happens, even Americans with left-of-center political views are going to conclude that Obama and the Democrata have been lying about who the real “violent extremists” are, and decide that the Tea Party, Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal and Dr. Ben Carson, might just be worthy of their votes because they’ve had it right about radical Islam all along.

Obama Plays For The Other Team: Won’t Say Radical Islam Is the Enemy

By refusing to name the enemy – and the strict Islamic beliefs favored by millions of Muslims around the world are the enemy because they are inimical to liberty as we understand it and have enshrined it in our Constitution – Obama directly aids those Islamic supremacists who are right now today working to undermine Western civilization generally, and especially constitutional government here in America.