Maryland's 6th Congressional District Race

Dan Bongino's 12-Step Program

Carol Brown, American Thinker

Dan Bongino is a Republican running for Congress in Maryland. He is a rare gem who has a great plan to take back America and he needs our support.

Dan Bongino the Conservative Secret in Maryland

Even the left-leaning media in Maryland allows that Republican congressional candidate Dan Bongino eviscerated his opponent, incumbent Democrat John Delany, during a recent debate. Bongino’s grassroots campaign is having a success that is now the talk of Maryland’s most astute political observers. We endorsed Dan Bongino back during his primary and if you love liberty we think a donation to Dan Bongino's campaign will be the best investment you make in 2014.

Dan Bongino Wins MD-06 GOP Primary

Dawn White, WHAG-TV

Dan Bongino took home about 85% of the votes, while his opponent, Harold Painter, took in only 15%. Bongino will face off against the incumbent Dem. Congressman John Delaney in November.