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The Machiavellian Brilliance of Ted Cruz

Leon H. Wolf, RedState

Throughout the course of Ted Cruz’s brief Senate career, he made a name for himself primarily by mounting losing campaigns. In so doing, he built up an enormous cache of goodwill with a growing bloc of disaffected Republican voters. Now, to the consternation of the many enemies he made along the way, Ted Cruz is cashing in that goodwill during the course of running the most ruthlessly effective Presidential campaign we have seen in at least a generation.

Cruz: Obama – Boehner Budget Deal Ridiculous, Deceitful, and a Disgrace

Senator Ted Cruz perfectly articulated our view of the Ryan -- Obama -- Boehner budget deal, “For anyone wondering about the source of the American people’s volcanic frustration with Washington, one need look no further than so-called ‘Republican’ majorities in both houses of Congress increasing the budget and our debt by more than $400 billion. It’s ridiculous, deceitful, and a disgrace.” We urge you to call your Representative, the House switchboard is 1-866-220-0044, tell him or her you demand a NO vote on the rule to bring the #ZombieBudget to the House floor.

GOP wants budget talks with Obama — not Pelosi and Reid

Alexander Bolton, The Hill

“They think they can get a better deal from Obama,” Darrell West, director of the governance studies program at the Brookings Institution, said of congressional Republicans.“When you look at past negotiations, Obama often has been willing to compromise on Democratic principles in ways his congressional counterparts have not been willing to do,” he said.

Ted Cruz challenges Boehner and McConnell to stop Iran deal

Joel Gehrke, National Review

Cruz’s mention of GOP leadership drew boos at Wednesday’s rally against the Iran deal on Capitol Hill, which he helped organize. “I want to give a path forward. There are two men in Washington, D.C., who can defeat this deal. Their names are Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker John Boehner.”

Fall Preview: Big Fights in DC

Manu Raju and Josh Bresnahan, Politico

Scandals and immigration are hot now, but just wait until the debt ceiling battle heats up this fall.