Michelle Obama

Transition to Trump: Democrats prep the Star Chamber for Trump’s nominees this week

Far from making money off of government service, many of Trump’s nominees are showing great personal sacrifices. Plus, Blatantly unfair media magnifying Dems’ fearmongering over Trump cabinet nominees, and, Trump’s nominees get the full treatment in preparation for hearings.

Transition to Trump: The prospect of change in 2017 makes it a very happy new year

It’s very hard to predict what government will look like at the end of 2017, but one thing’s for sure – it will be different than it is today. Plus, Trump sends out markers that the press’s Obama honeymoon is over, and, Half the public is skeptical of Trump’s abilities, but his congressional outreach will improve his numbers.

Michelle's Trump Despair

Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal

The American system made Donald Trump spend more time than most of us will in some of the most dispirited places in white, black and brown America. I won’t go so far as to say Donald Trump will become Saul on the road to Damascus. But those in despair or grim doubt over the 45th president should not underestimate the effects an American presidential campaign had on his understanding of what hope means now in the United States.

Trash Talk and the White House

Wesley Pruden, Washington Times

Something good could come from this tawdry presidential campaign that seems to have no end. Women, perhaps led by a past and present first lady, could lead a clean-up of the culture. God knows the culture needs it, and only women could get it done. But it will require more than throwing the first stone.

Rumors Are Floating Around About A Michelle Obama Senatorial Run

Brandon Morse, RedState

In 1996, when asked if she would run for office, Clinton responded "Not in this lifetime." Now she could be our next president after being a New York senator, and being appointed Secretary of State. Never say never, Michelle.

Meet Candy Carson, the Anti-Michelle Obama

Michelle Malkin, CNS News

While Mrs. Obama first gained notoriety carping about racism and trashing America, Mrs. Carson helped kick off her husband's 2016 bid by playing the violin with a gospel choir as they performed a joyful, rousing rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner.

The $40 Million Vacation Men

According to records obtained by our friends at Judicial Watch through FOIA requests and lawsuits, the Obamas and Bidens have spent more than $40 million taxpayer dollars on trips since 2009 up through the president’s most recent Palm Springs and Key Largo golf outings. And they still have two years left to live it up on your dime.

Michelle Obama Is Right

The Democrats aren’t laying back and running a prevent defense – they are on the attack – and they are reading the polls and have concluded that Republicans – including some that appear to be ahead right now – are vulnerable.

Thanks to Michelle O, Chick-fil-A Banned from School

Jennifer Burke, Tea Party News Network

Socastee High School will no longer welcome Chick-fil-A food or sponsorship of their special education department thanks to Michelle Obama's school nutritional guidelines. Obama doesn't have a degree or even a certificate in nutrition. 

Obamas Posture on 'Income Inequality' While Skiing, Golfing

Caroline Schaeffer, IJReview.com

The Obamas truly think that because Barack is President, they can do whatever they want. They inconvenience Americans and spend taxpayer money without batting an eye – in the midst of the weakest recovery of the last 60 years. Why don't they dial back the extravagance, at least for awhile?