Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

Egypt Close to Helping Christians?

Sharona Schwartz, The Blaze

Just 3 months after the ousting of Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi, it appears Egyptian authorities are taking a big step toward protecting the freedom of worship for the nation’s Christian community by lifting major restrictions on the construction of new churches.

US Military Aid to Egypt Suspended

Carlo Munoz, The Hill

Obama is indefinitely suspending millions in military hardware and aid to Egypt, in the wake of the interim government's violent crackdown on opponents of the current regime. Economic assistance will continue. 

Cairo Takes Muslim Bros Off Air

BBC News Staff

An Egyptian court has ordered the closure of four TV channels that have been accused of sympathising with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Exiting the Obama Administration's Bloody Egypt Mess

Continuing civil disorder and violence are almost certain.  Terrorism may follow.  Islamists fought a similar campaign against the Mubarak dictatorship two decades ago. Washington’s best policy is to support neither side and leave resolution of this tragic conflict to the Egyptian people.

How Many Are Willing to Die?

Patrick Buchanan,

Millions of Muslims are willing to die to keep American values out of their societies. How many Americans are willing to fight and die over there to force them on Arab peoples?

No Turning Back in Egypt

Patrick Buchanan, WND

Even some of the Twitter-Facebook liberals of Tahrir Square are coming to see Egypt as it is. It's us or them.

America Should Stay Out of Egyptian Bloodbath

As Senator Rand Paul noted in an op-ed for CNN, by “constantly intervening in these troubled parts of the world is that there are often no clear good guys or bad guys. Today's ally can quickly become tomorrow's enemy." McCain, Graham and Obama should keep America out of Egypt and let Egyptians decide where their future lies.

Jihad Unleashed on Coptic Christians

Raymond Ibrahim, Human Events

Jihad has been unleashed on Egypt’s Coptic Christian minority, and given full sanction from Islamist leaders, from “radical” al-Qaeda, to the supposedly “moderate” Muslim Brotherhood.