NSA data collection

Rand Paul: 'Do We No Longer Have a 4th Amendment?'

Charlie Spierling, Washington Examiner

Sen. Rand Paul reminded Americans that the founders were inherently suspicious of government, which they enshrined in the Constitution. His new video in defense of the Fourth Amendment points out that many Americans were disturbed by NSA's collecting of data on citizens.

Board: NSA Data Sweep Illegal; Program Must End

Fox News and AP Staff

An independent board (The Privacy & Civil Liberties Oversight Board) tasked with reviewing NSA surveillance called for the gov't to end its mass data collection program and purge its files, declaring the program illegal in a major challenge to Obama. 

A Judicial Difference of Opinion on NSA

David Keene, The Washington Times

The two district court decisions this Christmas on the constitutionality and practical utility of the NSA’s continuing drive to collect information on each of us shows how Americans are a practical rather than ideological.