Natural born citizen

Andrew C. McCarthy: Yes, Ted Cruz Is A Natural Born Citizen

National Review's Andrew C. McCarthy explains why Ted Cruz is indeed eligible to run for President and says on substance, Donald Trump’s self-serving cracks about his rival are specious and that “Senator Ted Cruz is wise to laugh off Donald Trump’s intimation that his constitutional qualifications to serve as president may be debatable.”

Yes, Ted Cruz Is A ‘Natural Born Citizen’

“Natural born Citizen” is a legal term of art that Congress has defined in a way that rendered Cruz eligible to be President long before the present controversy over his birthplace erupted. Where Ted Cruz was born, or like Shakespeare's Macduff, how he was born, is of little legal consequence to the question of whether or not he is a “natural born Citizen.” We urge conservatives to support or oppose Ted Cruz for his policies and record and not to be distracted by the spurious argument over whether or not the geographical location of his birth renders him ineligible to run for President.

Yes, Ted Cruz can be President

Ilya Shapiro, Daily Caller

Unlike Barack Obama, there’s no question Sen. Ted Cruz is constitutionally eligible. Here’s why.